Sample Volunteer Experience at Second Harvest Food Bank

Sample Volunteer Experience at Second Harvest Food Bank

The agency works with a mission of developing and nourishing the society through a networked partnership of volunteers to supply resources to the suffering communities (“Mission & History – Second Harvest Food Bank”). It targets populations that are hunger-stricken especially the families within Crawford, Lorain, Erie, and Huron counties. These communities are supported to fight hunger and access a nutritious diet with the dignity they deserve. The agency’s history dates back to 1982 when it was initiated to overcome the effects of hunger in the society (“Mission & History – Second Harvest Food Bank”). Then, their service began by distributing food from a rented truck since they had no permanent place to offer the facility. Well-wishers such as the city, the state, donors, fees, United Silicon Valley and the County, mostly fund this agency. They support poor families by creating rehabilitation places, schools, shelters for victims of violence and food cooking centers.

Daily reflections

On my first day of volunteering, I engaged in cabbage arrangement activities where I was involved in cleaning the cabbages and putting them in the bank. This mostly involved removing the spoiled leaves from the cabbages to improve their look before keeping them in the box. This enhanced my understanding of the need for families to take meals that are prepared well and free from dirt. From this activity, I was able to reflect on the need of eradicating poverty through consumption of vegetables. The second day involved arranging mandarins and storing them in boxes in 30lbs per box. On my third and fourth days consecutively, I spent my routine three hours sorting pears and apples. These three working hours educated me on the need of improved use of fruits to tackle food insecurity. I noticed that healthy meals for the poor would be of great value if fruits were donated to them.

Understanding of poverty

Hunger in the United States is an issue that can be solved through the network of volunteers who could work hand in hand to satisfy the poor (Tagtow& Harmon 18). While working with the agency, I also noticed how assistance was essential in donating food to aid those in need. As we can see, the US suffers from hunger and poverty due to lack of community gardens that would be key to selecting nutritious diets for the people. I used to imagine that the poor were not able to acquire food but through my experience with the agency, I also learnt that many people are suffering from lack of awareness on proper diets.

Furthermore, in the course of my volunteering mission at the agency, I learnt how poverty and hunger go hand in hand and therefore dealing with one entity could terminate the other. The US is experiencing food insecurity and the key reason for why I was in the agency was to reflect on strategies that can be used to gather donated food to inspire people out of poverty and eradicate hunger. I was also able to reflect on how the US would ensure food security if the needy were educated on the importance of nutritious diets. This was from the fact that I took part in arranging fruits at the bank and ensuring clean cabbages were well stored. As I was working in the agency, I noted Second Harvest Food Bank had a vision of a community where no individual would starve because of hunger and poverty. The agency operates in collaboration with volunteers from the society. Hence, it is positively affected by the way we devoted our three hours to work towards eradication of hunger(“Mission & History – Second Harvest Food Bank”).

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