Schizoid Personality Disorder Essay

Schizoid Personality Disorder

Schizoid personality disorder is a mental health condition that is characterized by a long-standing habit of avoiding involvement in social relationships. Those who suffer from this condition often have problems in expressing their emotions and do so under very strict conditions. Even when communicating with others, such people do not often reveal to others how or what they feel. As a result of this, they often avoid getting into relationships like love and even friendships.

People who suffer from Schizoid personality disorder are often very hesitant when it comes to intimacy; they lack desire to get into close relationships with others. Instead, they often prefer to spend time alone. In a layman’s language, a person who suffers from this condition is often labeled as a ‘loner.’

Apart from just avoiding showing intimacy, individuals with Schizoid personality disorder also have difficulty in expressing their anger. Even if provoked, these people prefer to respond with their faces pointed to the ground; they try to assume. As a result of this, they can be said to lack emotions since it is always expected that when directly provoked, one should respond. To most people, the lives of individuals who suffer from this condition are often viewed to lack direction. As such, they may easily lose focus on their goals.

Individuals with Schizoid personality disorder often react passively and have difficulties in even responding to life’s Proofreading-Editingevents that are viewed to be very important. As a result of the lack of skills in socializing with others, they rarely have sexual desires. Besides, they also have very few friendships, do not date frequently and even end up not marrying in several occasions. With such attributes, these people’s ability to function well in employment or work is impaired. However, they can be performers if given an opportunity to work in social isolation.


Some of the signs that one is suffering from Schizoid personality disorder include:

  • Lack of desire in relationships including even family
  • Preference for solitary activities
  • Feelings of inability to experience pleasure
  • Emotionally cold
  • Confusion on how to respond to situations in life.


It is not very clear what causes Schizoid personality disorder. However, researchers have attributed the mental health condition to biopsychosocial factors. This means that the condition can result from biological and genetic factors as well as social factors. Besides, the condition can also result from psychological factors like the temperament and personality of the individual as shaped by the environment that they live in. In a nut shell, Schizoid personality disorder can result from a combination of all these factors.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The diagnosis for Schizoid personality disorder should be done by a professional psychologist or psychiatrist through an evaluation of the condition of the patient and his or her life history. If an individual is diagnosed with the condition, he or she will be placed on psychotherapy for a period of time. However, medications can also be issued to help in suppressing the symptoms.

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