Social Media Marketing Services proposal

Title: A Social Media Campaign for Happy Valley Yogurt

Social Media Marketing Services proposal

The services, article presented to management is a Social Media Marketing proposal. This document is aimed at giving the management panel a summary of our Social Media Marketing services, and our methodology for carrying out a Social Media Marketing campaign.

This Social Media Marketing campaign is set to address several Happy Valley Yogurt business challenges. It is a fact that the Company has done significant standard marketing, advertising, and public relations activities, yet it only has 25% of the market share. Furthermore, though the company has a range of flavors of yogurt, only eight flavors make up the bulk if the sales.

The goal of this Social Media Marketing campaign is to:

  1. Increase online brand awareness
  2. Increase awareness about the company
  3. Promote newly launched products/
  4. Increase sales leads
  5. Increase sales
  6. Establish company’s image
  7. Popularize viral marketing



The Social Media Marketing drive for Happy Valley Yogurt will engross active participation in a selection of blogs, forums, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, organizations, and other association’s related sites, and clubs. The customized social media platform will be able to develop a company story, present the primary messages, themes, and various topics of discussion. The above-mentioned social media platforms will show all participants developed profiles, biographies, and the responsibility of each participant in order to meet set goals as follows.


Industry Blogs Participation. Through this platform, the company will be able take part in a range of conversations, providing interesting comments and information about customer satisfaction, product awareness, company image, and more information on newly launched products or existing ones. This platform will allow Happy Valley Yogurt to know the rating of the products by the public who make up their customer base. Examples of industry blogs are Blog spot ( and CNN business forum site (

Social Networking Sites. A social network service will center on building online relationships with communities of people, professionals, and business owners who share common interests and activities, or who are interested in Happy Valley Yogurt merchandise. A professional profile will be customized to represent the company and provide a valuable source of information for the community. Examples of Social network sites include Facebook (, Linkedin (, twitter ( and foursquare (

Social Bookmarking. Social bookmarking is an influential technique to draw direct visitors to Happy Valley Yogurt. Internet users will be able to save links to web pages, which they want to memorize and share. Other interested parties can therefore view these bookmarks by tags, category or by the use of a search engine.

Multimedia Web site. Sites like YouTube, (, and Ustream ( specialize in online distribution of audio, video, photos, images, presentation slides. These sites are well known to carry visual advertisements that are cheaper and more effective than Television commercials.

Clubs and Associations. Many industry clubs and associations have blogs and forums. Happy Valley Yogurt can take part in some of these forums and blogs in a case to improve company and product awareness. An example of such an association site is a Memphis based E-Podunk (

Press Release. There are a number of free and paid online Media Release sites, which issue and distribute commercial press announcements at various news websites. Happy Valley Yogurt can develop appealing newsworthy story angles and present press releases that will grab the media attention, and help build your corporate brand or image. Examples of such free press sites are prolog ( and 24-7 press release (


A current marketing research showed that as of January 2010, about 500 Million internet users actively contributed in social media networks marketing surveys. Furthermore, almost 40% of the global highest traffic websites are social media sites. This is evidence that the use of social media gives the company more client base to present them with commodities the company produces in a larger demography.