Social Work and Human Services Paper on an HIV Positive Patient

Client Identification Info:

The client is an HIV positive male (Mr. Johnston) suffering from alcohol addiction. The medical condition of the client requires close attention and monitoring for health and mental progress.

Background Information:

After engaging in irresponsible alcohol consumption in a long time, Mr. Johnston is infected with the HIV. His drunkard behavior, however, worsens Mr. Johnston’s health situation which requires professional help.

Focus of this Session:

This discussion aims at establishing personal contact with the client to help him with professional help on alcohol addiction. Self-awareness will be an essential objective of the interaction as it will enable Mr. Johnston to determine the consequences of each decision. After completing a counseling session, the client is advised to start immediate medication to treat the HIV. The integration of session objectives is expected to motivate Mr. Johnston and make him part of the community like other members of the society. Nevertheless, this session is structured in the form of a dialogue executed in a face-to-face interview with Mr. Johnston. The discussion is expected to establish a starting point of mental and medical progress for the client.

Mr. Johnston Professional Help
I am afraid that my life is coming to an end. Being an alcohol addict is taking away my mental health away as a result of the addiction. If things continue this way, my life could end soon. What is the actual cause of the addiction?

Why are you drinking alcohol this much?

Ever since my wife and son died in a car accident, I find it difficult to move on from the tragic event. I have been trying to forget the ordeal, but memories keep flashing inside my head. This is getting out of hand, and the depression has made me seek comfort in alcoholism. If things continue this way, my life could prove meaningless. How much did you treasure your family?

Do you have any other family members apart from those who died in a car accident?

My family gave me solid reasons to continue pressing on with life despite usual day-to-day challenges. My son was the main reason I went to work in the morning and returned safely in the evening. Their absence killed my spirits of work and interfered with my friendship. The only people I call family are miles away and less concerned with the situation. The situation seems tamable from my end as alcohol addiction is a situation that can be overcome if we engage positively and interact towards a particular goal. The only thing I will need from you is cooperation and understanding for us to achieve the mentioned goals.
I will cooperate and ensure that we move forward as a team in fighting this addiction. It is taking away my existence on a daily basis, concerning morals and mental health. This will be key to overcoming the addiction. Try to address your medical status and visit a healthcare institution.
I am also losing weight, and I think it is because of being HIV positive. I don’t know where this disease came from, but I will commence on medication as soon as possible. Please do and keep a schedule of all daily events that you can participate. It will be helpful to some extent.