Social Work and Human Services: Sample Essay on Poverty in the United States

Poverty in the United States

Poverty is referred to as the inability to have enough money to supplement basic requirements of human beings. These essential requirements include health care services, food, shelter and clothing. In America, the 2012 report from census reveals that 16.6 percent of the whole population languishes in miserable poverty. This implies that the figures in poverty that affect the American population have escalated.

Evidently, the rates of poverty in rural areas are rampant in contrast to urban areas. Furthermore, there is a difference in contribution of poverty in US and that of developing states. In America, the causes of poverty incorporate low purchasing power. This leads in a situation whereby citizens fail to access proper shelter, nutrition and clothing. The change in trade economy contributes to poverty (Danziger & Stern, 2010). This is clear when US incurred a huge shift when it over relied on manufacturing organizations.

This is because the industries served as a source of employment that benefited all categories of workers that were educated and unskilled. Emerge of technology to change the economy and the employment sector laid off all workers who were not professional.  The consequences of this action led to reduction of jobs and trade opportunities hence poverty. Increase in rates of unemployment was caused by collapse of the economy. The shift in economy contributed to lack of jobs. As a result, it reduced the purchasing power of citizens and increased levels of poverty.

Lack of education also contributed to poverty in America. This is because it is a major reason that decreased availability of jobs in society. In addition breakages in family system rendered individuals to be single parents. This situation led to instability and poverty because one partner could not cater for all family needs. Clearly, the government lacked sufficient will power to alleviate poverty condition in the economy. As a result, poverty levels remained constant in many years in the society.



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