Social Work Paper on The United States Foreign Policy

The United States Foreign Policy

The United States of America has established ways in which as a country it interacts with other foreign states by setting goals and standards that affect its body corporates and citizenry. The goals of foreign interaction are outlined in the country’s foreign policy which mainly seeks to achieve a better international atmosphere by addressing issues such as democracy, security and global prosperity. The U. S. policy also looks into other goals including; controlling exports and imports, nuclear developments, global commercial involvements between nations, and international education. While some people have so much commended the U.S. for its efforts in the international community, the country has also received much criticism in its approach to some foreign matters. A debatable question now is whether or not the U.S. foreign policy is working or not. In my opinion, the United States has made a tremendous effort especially in extending aid to a multiple of foreign nations.

The country’s trade dealings and foreign aid are commendable hence the best part of its foreign policy in trying to see into the welfare of the international community. However, its military policy could be having some loopholes hence so much criticism especially from the countries in the Middle and the Far East. According to the article published by the National Review on September 16, 2016, the foreign policy set by Barrack Obama is showing signs of failure especially because of the country’s military approach that has been labeled aggressive (French, 2016). The country has seen supernormal military spending in some Asian and European countries causing drifts and increased extremism. I believe in the sentiments by French (2016) that the U.S. should amend its foreign policies notably by reducing its military footprint in an effort to isolate extremism and build a better relationship with the Islamic community and other nations that have come forth to criticize the country’s military goals.



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