Sociology: Annotated Bibliography on The Impact of Radio in American Culture

The Impact of Radio in American Culture

Communication is a significant aspect that enables individuals to interact with others in society. Through technology, people have been in a position to give and receive details with aid of mass media. Print is a basic in media that pioneered in United States. Later in 1920, radio was created and it influenced the American culture in a huge manner. Radio became a reliable means of advertisement and a source of contemporary news.

Radio was a means of communication that influenced people’s culture through advertising. It is a platform that shaped views of individuals on whether the government should join the battle. This was to keep Americans safe and restore harmony across the world. In addition, radio influenced economic and social culture of Americans. It created awareness to people around the world concerning the culture of Americans. It is a convenient means of communication because it enabled individuals to listen to it while handling other tasks.

Annotated Bibliography

Baughman, J. L. (2006). The republic of mass culture: Journalism, filmmaking, and            broadcasting in America since 1941. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Univ. Press.

In this article, the author articulates on the creation of various forms of mass media. He reveals the impact of platforms such as radio and newspapers on American lives. The author also cites on changes after television came into existence and became popular in society. This book depicts on influence of science in formulating various media platforms.

Kamalipour, Y. R. (1998). Cultural diversity and the US media. Albany: State Univ. of New         York Press.

This writer depicts various aspects that relates to media and culture. He cites how televisions and radio enhanced changes among the native. This was through revealing their identities in United States. It states ways to handle issues of ethnic groups and races to appreciate diverse cultures.


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