Sociology: Coursework on The Other Half

The Other Half

The problem of poverty has increased and become rampant in many developing countries. This has made nations to lack essential raw materials, capabilities and skills via education and formal training. Clearly, these are vital aspects that determine the progress of the company. This further implies that nations that are still developing should cooperate with countries that have already developed to enhance its business.

Absence of education is a major issue that affects countries that are still developing. This implies that legislators in these states cannot handle public institutions especially in rural locations. In contrast to industrialized states, all children have access to education.  On the contrary, only 60 percent of children in developing nations get the opportunity to attend primary school. In developing countries, citizens fail to proceed with education because they develop an interest on finding low income jobs to sustain their living standards.

Furthermore, they tend to have few jobs that cannot sustain all people. In this regard, individuals especially of female gender end up being jobless. From this perspective, a section of individuals find it hard to enroll for education. Clearly, developing states incur changes in labor markets which lead to increase in poverty. There is a reduction of high payment jobs in society and this has expanded business activities. People have also embraced talent that incorporates physical duties or career projects.

These countries need to embrace appropriate forms of administration to enhance progress and transform the society. Proper means of administration is essential to facilitate growth in such nations. It empowers leaders to develop a legal framework to facilitate production. In this regard, leaders require formulating techniques to reduce levels of poverty. This is via establishing an environment that support farming activities to boost on production.


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