Sociology Research paper on Athletes as Role Models

Athletes as Role Models

Athletes are regarded as popular individuals who are accorded with respect in society. As a result, they tend to have an influence on the public. This is because majority perceives them to be very important. They also serve as role models and are linked to diverse religion and demographics across the globe. The urge of identifying athletes as role models tend to have various outcomes on sports activities.

The community that values athletes contributes to a situation whereby it attracts majority of participants to join or appreciate sports activities. It also means that numerous individuals will participate in sports to be influential to others. Clearly, a large number of people will embrace athletes as their major profession (Vescio, 2005). This step is significant because it will play a role that will boost the career of sports across the globe. In the society, individuals are interested with activities that trend. This further implies that when the public honor athletes as their role models, it will motivate them to view sports as a trendy event.

Increase in business is based on outcomes that arise when there is also improvement in sports participation. This form of progress is evident in modern sports activities when different firms use these events to advertise their brands. In this regard, sport activities are vital platforms that encourage organizations to sell their products. Due to such events, sports individuals also benefit when they are awarded with high salaries. As a result, this will contribute to a vital function that will motivate most individuals to join sports activities.

The benefits of sports activities in a community are that they improve the life style of people who participate in the events.  This implies that for individuals to be considered as qualified, they need to be talented and have excellent skills. These influences portray athletes to be successful in a community.



Vescio, J., Wilde, K., & Crosswhite, J. J. (2005). Profiling sport role models to enhance initiatives for adolescent girls in physical education and sport.European Physical Education Review11(2), 153-170.



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