Sociology: Sample Essay on Heroes of the Heartland

Heroes of the Heartland

This reflects an occurrence that is celebrated by numerous individuals across the globe. This plan was initiated from the American culture which required people to offer services to the community. Individuals who are incorporated in this activity include military officers and medical staff who provide emergency services. Aid services by volunteers that apply in this context exhibit people to have an outstanding nature.

However, these forms of services that are offered in the community tend not to be appreciated by people. The phrase heartland attributes actions that emerge from the heart. It revolves around the culture of individuals who have the desire to offer help to others. This may be a person or the whole society who fight for people who are oppressed and are poor. Individuals who have the heart to offer aid to others share same traits. For instance, they have courage, are humble and often fight for freedom.

Heroes that fall in this category include Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln. These are some of the personalities who facilitated the procedure of saving lives of people who were in need of urgent assistance. At the time when George Bush was the leader in the US, the issue of terrorism had increased. As a result, the majority of Americans citizens died innocently in the process. The bombing tragedy that took place in 1998 at the American embassy subjected plenty of families to suffer (Deburg, 222).

The community refers to individuals who share the common objective of aiding others. However, there are other many good-hearted individuals who volunteer to aid others but they have not been nominated. In addition, media personalities also play a significant role in creating awareness on ways to aid individuals in society. Actions of these heroes facilitate positivity when they enhance long-term peace among citizens.

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