Speech Summary Sample on Health Care should be Free

Health Care should be Free

To bring the matter of health care to attention, this paper analyzes whether individuals have desperately been in need of medication in society. It assesses situations that revolve around neighbors or family members who tend to suffer from a killer disease. In most situations, we wish to offer help but find it difficult to respond to the issue. This essay further reveals the experiences that individuals encounter especially when they are not in position to afford medical services.

In addition, such patients may be in need of care but they have no sufficient funds to cater for their medical bills. This is when they require the government to intervene and address the challenge. In this regard, there is the need to reduce expenses that are offered in medical services. This is to make it easier for individuals to access the services when they require them. Research indicates that numerous people who do not have insurance and medical covers have rare access to medical services.

This is unless they are on the verge of facing death.  Additionally, majority who lack medical insurance subject their lives to risks. This happens when they fail to attend hospitals for checkups. To satisfy individuals in society, the government needs to intervene in the matter. This is via giving tax free health services to reduce the number of death among poor individuals. In relation to the aspect of visualization, it is clear that if health services are rendered free, plenty of poor individuals’ lives would be saved.

People would also get the opportunity to attend medical checkups and receive quality health care (Holtz, 2008, p. 25). The government should indulge in a quick action to ensure that their citizens have access to free medical care in society.



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