Sports: Sample Essay on Athletes as role models

Athletes as role models

Sports activity is regarded as a key trend across the globe. Participants play a vital responsibility of influencing their fans. As a result, this has made athletes to be popular due to their hard work. Clearly, members in a community adore and wish they could be in their position. Youth tend to emulate their positive trend when they engage in sport activities. To accomplish their goals, young people should consider embracing virtues such as team work and abiding by regulations.

The media also recognizes athletes which mean that they should enhance proper morals. The society also requires respecting the private lives of its sport heroes. This paper articulates on ways the society perceives athletes and their purpose as role models. Children look up to athletes to ensure that they are fit. Exercising is a concept that aids the body and mind to handle lifestyle diseases. In addition, physical fitness assists children to overcome stress and maintain their healthy status (Jones, 1992).

Teamwork is a positive measure that is attributed to sports. This is evident in football and it helps children to coordinate with others in daily activities. However, if an athlete decides to embrace drugs, children will emulate a wrong character. This implies that it is the responsibility of athletes to teach young people in society to be optimistic. This enhances positive energy among the youth in spite of the situation which they encounter. Furthermore, athletes are also supposed to be cautious of their activities because the world depends on them.

Individuals in sports are supposed to impact the lives of other people in community in a positive manner. As role models, athletes should be aware that it is natural for individual to emulate them to foster talent and keep fit.



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