sports: Sample essay on Challenges faced by Women in South Africa

Challenges faced by Women in South Africa

Three are a variety of problems that women in South Africa encounter in aspects that concern sports. They include politics in the activity and absence of gender equality. Due to inequality in gender, women have found it difficult to have their own resources. In this regard, they fail to recognize their full rights. This makes them to be disadvantaged in society because they cannot access opportunities because of their gender.

Despite the efforts by the government to facilitate equality in entire South Africa, women still encounters barriers. Apparently, women who are represented in sports leadership are only 19.8 percent. However, this form of biasness is contributed by women because they perceive themselves not to be competent to be part of sport management. Furthermore, the print media in the country also contributes to the situation (Anderson, Bielert, & Jones, 2004). This is clear when it fails to grant women a platform to be in charge of top positions in the sports sector.

The absence of role models who could convince women to be leaders in sports is another factor that is prevalent in South Africa. Clearly, a huge South African population resides in rural areas and abides by their cultures. This implies that these norms favor only men to participate and be leaders in sports activity. During the apartheid era, sports became politicized. This hindered Africans to access facilities and made them believe that they only belonged to whites. Only men had the opportunity to participate in sports because women were deprived of its resources.

This constrained women to put in more efforts to be part of female sports. Empowerment, lack of resources and connections was among issues that women encountered in society.  Women need to unite and coordinate with the government to eliminate these challenges.



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