Sports: Sample Essay on Managing Sport Facilities

Managing Sport Facilities

A marketing plan entails four P’s that are promotion, product, place, and price. This applies in sporting facility whereby products can either be tangible or intangible. It incorporates traits that offer benefits to clients. Services are commonly perceived to be intangibles while commodities are tangibles.

The characteristics in marketing that apply in sorting goods include functionality, quality, and features. They also incorporate packaging, styling and the name of the brand. In sports, products are subjective and intangible. The emphasis on marketing is related to product extension but not on the major product. In this case, price reflects the amount of product that is paid by clients (Fried, 2010). This implies that the product is sold at the level that depicts the value of the consumer. Based on the fact that price is the only element in the marketing mix that generates revenue, internal aspects apply in the facility.

It further defines goals of marketing, the expenses incorporated and approaches in the marketing mix. In sports, pricing relies on clients will to bear but not on the recovery of the expenses. Place exhibits the right location in which products are distributed. It is vital for the products to be supplied at the right time to enhance accessibility. It relates to procedures that are involved in supplying commodities to customers. Furthermore, marketing incorporates directional signs such as lighting and maps which influence accessibility.

Time is a significant aspect in marketing mix to facilitate various segments to be in its venue. Promotion enables the product to fulfill the needs of clients with the objective of receiving a response that is positive. This is accomplished via public relations and advertising. In sports, products are not supplied in a physical manner. This is because the majority are produced, distributed and consumed at the same location and time.


Fried, G. (2010). Managing sport facilities (2nd ed., pp. 199-212). Champaign Illinois: Human Kinetics.

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