Statement of Purpose for Graduate School Sample Essay

Statement of Purpose for Graduate School

I am…, and currently I am pursuing a Computer Information Technology degree program. I have excelled in professional and academic endeavors in the past. I can attribute these accomplishments to my dedicated lifestyle as well as my major jurisdiction. I am now seeking admission in a USA University.  I hope to realize social aspirations through this exercise. My concentration in this application is on social glory and past qualification which are aspects of my entire jurisdiction in an effort to accomplish the task that lies ahead of me of pursuing for a university degree.

My specialization at the moment is in Network Security which include Business informatics and information security. My dedication and loyalty have fueled my progress in what I have engaged in throughout my life. Although I am an international scholar, I am able to handle life in different social settings within the country. I have also been able to cope with diversity properly. On the basis of my broad knowledge in computer information technology, my intention is to shift focus now to Information Technology. My interest in this case is particularly in Security. My belief is that my cumulative knowledge that I have gotten in the other academic fields will steer me forward in this course as I major in Security. This is my passion and interest which I would like to achieve in this university.

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Both courses have properly coordinated and synchronized time schedule. This subverts a possible clash. I should join my new program this spring. This will start once I complete my Computer Information Technology degree program. Other professional qualifications supplement my IT interest. For instance, after my diploma studies, I had an IT practice which gave me experience of one year. This depicts me as a better prospect of this course. Personally, I cherish the IT study field and as a profession. My belief is that with IT education, I will meet the set quality requirements in this discipline.

My great interest in this country is signified by my past experiences with the education system as well as the past records. For instance, while pursuing my computer information course, I was able to achieve great progress from this rich system of education. The system also exposed me to the classical computing system class. This is another reason why I intend and hope that I will get a chance to pursue another course in this country.

The limit of my education qualifications are not the two courses stated above. I also have professional certificates that I earned before shifting my studies to the US. For instance, I pursued an associate degree course in Network and Administration systems at Telecom and Information College. I also have other certifications that include certification on leadership which I acquired in 2013 and Certified Network Association from Cisco which I acquired in 2008. My academic relevance and responsibility in IT is due to my vast experience in various occupations. For instance, between 2009 and 2010, I served as a technician in Telecom Company. While there, I learnt several skills including data processing and recording. From 2006 to 2009, I was working with the Ministry of Culture and Information. I held different positions including news director. These are some of the major attributes which I believe will enable me to meet the social and academic demands of this discipline despite the fact that I will have more responsibilities in this country.

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