Student Sportsman Expository Essay

Student Sportsman

While joining college from high school, students have their difficulties. Nevertheless, when a sportsman joins college, he may experience different types of stress due to academic, social life and sports demands especially during the first year in college. Any time a person experiences stress, they may have negative feelings when unable to meet different expectations that have been placed on them by friends, parents and the school. The aim of this expository essay is to show that there are times when a student-sportsman enrolls for the first year, and these expectations become overwhelming.

One cannot disagree that taking part in sports acts as a stress buffer. However, it should be noted that this can also cause stress for a college sportsman. Sportsmen, especially athletes endure stress that relates to their status. Among the stressors that they face include time demands more so when a person is required to invest time in sports and academic activities equally. Making decisions about the activities that should be given more time can be stressful for athletes. Losing the star status is another stress factor.

On participating in sports activities, one becomes a star but unpredictable events including injuries can make them lose the status that was acquired before. To regain this status, the student has to invest more time in sporting activities and this implies that they might neglect other activities including social life and academics. These are also important because they ensure overall development of a student during college life. Stress that is caused by injuries is accelerated by the fear that the student will be reserved during important games in college.

Apart from stress that arises from sport-related troubles, the athlete who joins college as a freshman is responsible for coping with academic demands. Being a college student is different from being a high school student. This is because a college student has complex and bigger academic disciplines. Combining the stressors that come from sports and academics can present a unique and significant problem to a student-sportsman in college. Eventually, this can have undesirable impact on the well-being of the student. Stress that is caused by the pressure of winning college games, frustration, fear, anxiety and conflict can impact on the mental and physical condition of the sportsman-student.

Additionally, college athletes may acquire dangerous and bad habits to enable them to deal with stress and anxiety. They develop such habits so that they can handle their problems, their status as well as their academic expectations. They include substance and drug abuse. Consequently, students start experiencing low-esteem problems and psychological difficulties when frustrated by academics and sports demands.

This issue does not mean that every freshman in college who is an athlete has bad habits. Some learn how to cope with a new lifestyle. They also know how to allocate adequate time and to set aside time for academic and sports activities. These excel in games and academic work because they have peace of mind and they get satisfaction from every area. It ought to be noted that differentiating students whose self-esteem is low from those whose self-esteem is high is made possible by their ability to comprehend that failing in a discipline in academics or sports shows that they can improve if they work harder in their studies and sports.

When student athletes fail to balance academics and sports properly, they report concerns about physical health that include insomnia and fatigue. There are times when mental, emotional and physical problems can be severe necessitating counseling intervention. However, it is alarming that students in such situations avoid counseling because they fear that this would taint the prestige that they have acquired as sportsmen or sportswomen. Those who seek counseling report most concerns that are disturbing and related to stress including time management, self-esteem and fearing failure. However, time management is the main factor and the major stressor for these students. Most athlete students feel that they do not have adequate time to realize success in athletics and academics. These factors include fear of the exam, term papers preparation, missing classes because of sports trips as well as making up for classes that they miss.

In a nutshell, the period of graduating from high school to college can be challenging for an athlete student. This is due to the difficulty that they have when it comes to managing time to ensure success in academics and sports. Some students are familiar with the involved process and they demarcate both clearly to ensure academic and sporting success. Nevertheless, there are students who are unable to do both properly and they face stress that arises from reduced self-esteem, fearing to fail and anxiety. Failing to solve this problem timely affects the college life of the student negatively since it is possible for them to develop bad habits which include substance and drug abuse as a way of seeking a remedy.

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