Introduction Slavery presents one of the most humiliating treatments that Africans underwent over the 18th, 19th, and part of the 20th century. Largely African kings and chiefs participated in the slave trade, selling some of their subjects and others captured during raids to Arab merchants and later European merchants for plantation labor. While most kings
Introduction In recent years, health institutions and systems have been effective to realize the pledge of health information technology in order to provide safer, more effective, and affordable care. Although there have been several success stories out there, many institutions are still in the initial phases of implementing health information technology (HIT) in order to
Introduction Today, it is important to understand that technological trend is developing at an alarming rate. Enormous amounts of information are added to social media sites each day. Cyberbullying mainly represents an expansion and modification of traditional bullying into the electronic realm (Kowalski et al, 2010).  It is referred to as an intentional aggressive act
Introduction             Perspectives on Problem Solving in Educational Assessment: Analytical, Interactive, and Collaborative Problem Solving is a peer-reviewed article that was written in 2013 by Greif, Holt, and Funke. The article analyses the various approaches that have been adopted in educational problem-solving. This article describes three different problem-solving approaches that include analytical, interactive, and collaborative
Intra-industry trade involves the interchange of identical goods produced in the same industry. It is similar to international trade whereby countries import and export comparable products. Commonly traded products in the Intra-industry trade are automobiles, electronics, and beverages. This article explains how the existence of internal economies of scale results in the rise of intra-industry
Correctional officers have reported increased incidences of sexual harassment committed against them by their supervisors in the correctional workplace. Correctional supervisors are usually given the responsibility of ensuring that all their subordinate staff members are knowledgeable on matters related to the facilities’ policies, regulations, and procedures. The duties of correctional supervisors include enforcing rules and
Leadership is an important aspect of life that defines the future of society. In most cases, a leader would come to fight for the rights of the people. This happens even at the cost of declaring resistance and war against the perceived enemies. In American history, certain Tecumseh, a Native American leader, and Andrew Jackson,
Introduction Health care providers contribute immensely in improving health outcomes among pregnant women, leading to reduced costs and patient satisfaction. For the healthy growth of the unborn child, the pregnant mother needs to take a balanced diet. Pregnant women tend to increase their calorie intake during their pregnancy. Healthy behaviors can assist in preventing morbidity
The book The Souls of Black Folk offers the history, politics, as well as social system of the African Americans. Each chapter starts with a song, lamenting the life of the black community. Du Bois began his work by recognizing the situation of being black in the Twentieth Century. Du Bois’s forethought asserted that the
The controversial bill “Dying with Dignity” was introduced in the Quebec National Assembly. It allowed the residents freedom to call for medical assistance to die. The passing of the bill would make end-of-life protection more comfortable for the citizens. Senator Nightingale has been working for a public interest group. Being his legal advisor, I would