The Impact of Radio in American Culture Communication is a significant aspect that enables individuals to interact with others in society. Through technology, people have been in a position to give and receive details with aid of mass media. Print is a basic in media that pioneered in United States. Later in 1920, radio was
Spirituality in Nursing Nursing is a practice that is associated with spirituality. This is clear when nurses take good care of patients and assist them in their healing process. Spirituality is the action of offering ultimate aid to improve the life of another person. Critics have restricted the concept of religion in spirituality. However, studies
Cultural Competence Rose, P. R. (2011). Cultural competency for health administration and public health. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett. In a public and health administration, social competency is vital because it operates as an essential content in field of health. It has become a major subject in health organizations that is beneficial to the general