Rebecca West’s the return of a soldier gives a description, albeit not vivid of the impacts of war on the active participants as well as on the society at large. The book describes the lead character’s status after his engagement in war. While the war itself is only treated as an abstract phenomenon in the story, one from which most of the characters are detached, its impacts are described based on the negative outcomes that the society derives from the war. Individuals are affected differently based on the individual traits and their closeness to the victims of war. Such is the comparative case of Jenny and Kitty, who have been affected indirectly by the war, yet react differently to the situation at hand. In the story, one of the themes that come out starkly is that of trauma and its treatment.
Leadership in Nursing Leadership is a vital factor in the nursing industry. It enables nurses to have confidence among followers. It is an aspect that is vital to numerous fields especially in the medical department. Clearly, there is a need for leaders to depict competence to enhance adequate performance. The fundamental objective of nursing is
 Contingency Theory Fielder (1964, 34) cites that a contingency theory is connected to path objective. It further reveals the manner in which traits of individuals in leadership affected the performance of employees. Their behaviours will also determine if workers will be satisfied based on how leaders treat them. Evans Martin was the pioneer to develop
Marketing Marketing is a concept that is used by enterprises to deliver information to potential clients. Its major objective is to sell products and services to the buyers. The basic responsibility of marketing is to communicate details of values concerning goods that are on sale. This essay reveals the three categories of marketing that include
Is Sex Education Beneficial or Harmful to Teenagers? The rise in childhood pregnancy and transmission of sexual diseases has raised concern of such actions in society. In this regard, individuals who argue against the requirement of sex education among teenagers end up raising curiosity among the youth. This is because majority is not well informed
Pregnant Women in Elder Age and Surrogates Women who become pregnant when they are old have less chances of having a normal delivery. This is because their rates of fertility are low when they approach menopause. Majority of women in this situation decide to seek help from surrogate mothers. They play a role of offering
Mandatory Sex Education in Public Schools The debate concerning sex education has become a controversy in the society on whether it should be taught in public schools. Supporters of this topic argue that subjecting learners to sex education aids in creating awareness concerning their sexual health. Conversely, opponents assert that sexual education should be avoided