The House on Mango Street is a collection of stories detailing the life of Esperanza Cordero. The book consists of short independent stories recollecting her life, the neighbors and neighborhoods. Esperanza is both the main character as well as the narrator of this book. The story begins when she moves to a house on the Mango Street (Cisneros 12). Although the house is better than the previous residences, it is obviously not the family’s dream house. However, it is arguably the most memorable place she has lived because it reflects her upbringing as well as her heritage.

Book Review on Total Truth

Total Truth The article Total Truth was drafted by Pearcey. It evaluates on the landmark between different cultural mainstream and Christian perception of the world. This is based on practices that apply in business, politics and various fields of career. This piece of writing responds to controversial claims that attribute to the religion. This further
Evolution of a Criminal ‘Evolution of a Criminal’ is a documentary that is presented by Dairus Clarke which depicts how a young boy develops to be a robber in the bank. In my opinion, a boy aged 16 years would grow to engage himself in crime because he desperately searched for a job he did