Topic: Consider the following text from June 15, 2015 of The Economist concerning income inequality and growth: “In 1975 Arthur Okun, an American economist, argued that societies cannot have both perfect equality and perfect efficiency, but must choose how much of one to sacrifice for the other. While most economists continue to hold that view,
Write a five page essay, using a minimum of three academic references from the CSU online library which have been uploaded and proper APA formatting on the following topic: pros and cons of tariffs. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. All references and citations
One topic report is required during the semester.  A topic is to be chosen from the list shown below. The sources of information for the report can include our course textbook, lecture notes, and any additional readings the student may choose as a supplement – even Google.  Outside readings would be considered a potential enhancement
Homework  Please answer the following questions in your own words in a separate Word document. Number your response to each question accordingly.   Explain what makes the urbanization now occurring in developing countries different from and more problematic than the urbanization that took place a century ago in New York, London, Tokyo, and Berlin. concisely

Sample Questions on Urbanization

The urbanization that is taking place in the developing countries is different from the one that took place in the last century, as there are issues that are in place currently, which were not experienced in the past. The growth of industries the cities is what attract people to them in search of employment. These industries relied on fossil fuels as the main source of energy, and they are responsible for global warming that is experienced globally. Global efforts are underway to phase out the use of fossil fuels. The alternative sources of energy are costlier compared to fossil fuels, and this makes the growth of cities in developed countries restricted. The planning of the cities in the developing countries is often poor resulting in the development of shanties and slums. Lack of resources in the developing countries, diminished opportunities for employment and general poverty of the population are among the problems that face urbanization in these countries.
The Economy of the U.S Americans have incurred a huge burden when the government intervened with the economy. This intervention takes place in different ways. This is evident when the American leadership imposes taxes on salaries of its citizens. As a result, this move hinders their freedom of choice. Another way which the government intruded
Economic Status of Cameroon Cameroon is a nation that is found in central Africa. It is the 53rd largest state and received its independence in 1960. The pioneer ruler of Cameroon is Ahmadou Ahidjo but later Paul Biya replaced him. This nation incorporates plenty of natural resources that accounts for its wealth. They include minerals,
Impact of Loans A loan refers to a liability that is attributed to an individual or organization in regard to financial terms. According to the law, it is valid to enforce loans. This implies that citizens of any state have a right to be granted loans to engage in economic activities. Through the central government,
Economic Relationship between Oil Prices, Food Prices and the Nascent Global Economy Recovery In this contemporary society, the global food structure relies on the system of transportation. This implies that in future, the price of fuels will escalate causing insecurity in this sector. Clearly, food will also be expensive hence generate a key threat in
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship is the activity of starting, organizing and managing a business venture. In this situation, it is significant for an entrepreneur to incur risks that are related with commercial activities. For instance, entrepreneurship involves activities such as inventing a new form of trade. Business that operates on private terms is associated with imaginations and