Contingency Theory Fielder (1964, 34) cites that a contingency theory is connected to path objective. It further reveals the manner in which traits of individuals in leadership affected the performance of employees. Their behaviours will also determine if workers will be satisfied based on how leaders treat them. Evans Martin was the pioneer to develop
Olympic Games Olympism is a state that renders the mind and the body to have balanced qualities. Events in Olympics incorporate cultures, sports and education. It is an activity that takes place after every four years. This sport activity is inclusive of approximately 200 states with ten thousand participants. The Olympic Games has attracted plenty
What should the American government do about gun control in the United States? Gun control is a tactic that is embraced by the government to hinder the ownership of guns among citizens. The purpose is to eradicate issues of violence and the death toils that occur due to gun shots. Clearly, guns are controlled by