Energy Market Regulation and Deregulation In various states, leaders have formulated regulations to control energy markets. Their aim is to protect citizens from exploitation and prevent failure at the market. In other nations, rules allow them to free their energy market to facilitate competition. In this context, deregulation at the market place is vital. This
Alternative Energy There are aspects that have enhanced growth of optional energy. They include security, global warming and safe kind of energy. Alternative form of energy is categorized into two sections namely petroleum liquids and energy.  It is produced from electric technology. Oil is an example of petroleum liquids while energy from power technology is
Recycling Recycling is a vital process that enables individuals to save the expenses of buying new products by reusing the initial ones. A good example is clear when firms reuse beverages bottles by washing them well. This procedure is vital because it aids to reduce air pollution hence makes the environment friendly. Indian state university