Financial management Financial management refers to the ability to use resources in a right manner. It aids the firm to achieve its set of goals in the economy. The goals of management in the economy are to enable the company to increase its earnings and improve its operations. There are four elements that should be
Financial Ratios Banks make use of credit scores to evaluate loans that are applied by investors. However, these scores are not depicted in trades. Enterprises that ought to borrow cash use different ratios that are calculated via financial statements. The significance of financial ratios is that they enable borrowers to access details. They measure whether
Practical Financial Management Investing in financial and real assets by individuals and firms enables them to earn profits in future. Clearly, businesses that deal with security, stock and financial assets consider option pricing before they decide to trade. The advantages of options are that they allow stock holders to buy and sell basic assets. In
The Future of the U.S Dollar as the World Key Currency The US dollar is used as a standard currency across the globe. Since its inception, it has encountered many issues before the Bretton woods institution was found.  Earlier, the Bretton woods institution had replaced the US dollar when it served as the major currency.
Capital Budgeting Technique The fast transformation in trade has made enterprises to encounter issues. This is in attribute to fixed resources that is inclusive of both existing and modern projects. This implies that business managers have to be careful in allocating resources. It is because; they have to select those that are viable from existing
Challenges Facing Financial Managers Devlin, A. (2010). ANTITRUST IN AN ERA OF MARKET FAILURE. Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, 33(2), 557-606. Retrieved from In this article, it is clear that antitrust benefits the business when they enhance regulation of free markets. This policy aids clients to access products cheaply and in the correct quantity.
The Fed and Monetary policy Financial policy refers to activities that are boarded by Fed to control credit and sum of money in US economy. Change in quantity of the credit affects the rates of interest in the economy. If there is reduction in the rates of interest, a lot of firms and individuals will
Commercial Banks The banking sector that is perceived to be the earliest in American history is commercial bank.  Based on the customs, the US commercial banks were business entities with a purpose of making profits. It was the responsibility of the state legislature to grant corporate charters to numerous commercial banks. By 1800, there was