Prompt: For this assignment, you will choose one of the movies set in medieval Europe listed below and write a brief reaction paper (1000-1200 words), sharing your interpretation and analysis of the film’s historical accuracy. You will then consider points where the movie clearly diverges from our historical evidence and think about the reasons that
Paper 1 POLS 1101 Spring 2019 In two, double-spaced, typed-written pages, please respond to the following topic. Your papers should be turned in to the dropbox in D2L, and they will be checked for plagiarism. So, make sure that you look at the report in the dropbox for unoriginal material, ensuring that all unoriginal material
The main question this paper addresses is: “What does Adrian Johns’ think is wrong with Elizabeth Eisenstein’s characterization of the impact of print on the development of science?” The goal of this paper is to focus your attention on understanding and clearly communicating the respective authors’ positions. Note: Occasionally, I think this and similar assignments
Are there historical conditions that produce dictatorships? Based on the sources for this unit, especially the primary sources, can we draw any general conclusions about the histories that led to the tyrannical regimes of the 20th century? Using Mussolini’s article explaining fascism, how would you explain the popularity of these ideas in Europe in the

HIST-2020 Analytical Essay

HIST-2020 Analytical Essay Spring 2019 Write an argumentative, 4-6 page (1200 to 2000 word) essay addressing the question below.  Form a central argument around which to structure your work.  Do not simply list examples.  Use extensive evidence from the work itself, being sure to cite page numbers if you quote or paraphrase. Of the many
World War II was arguably the most violent and the mightiest conflict in the American History and the whole world. The consequences of the conflict were damaged property, displacement, economic depression, and, most importantly, loss of millions of lives all around the globe. Although the exact numbers cannot be ascertained, Winkler (2014) estimates that the number of missing and killed people between 1939 and 1945 was over 55 million
The Red Azalea Part 3 This part of the narration reveals the manner in which Mao was attempting to construct a community that is corporative. It further reveals the success in relation to the events that were taking place. At first, it happened when she attended school and got the opportunity to enroll for art
Chamber of Commerce Cyber-security Bill The House of Representatives in America decided in their votes that they will introduce schedules to provide security and share information. This reflects the cybersecurity bill. In this regard, this bill leads to a discussion that was about numerous hacking events.  The major objective of sharing this information was to
Use of Qualitative Analysis to Improve Performance in a Healthcare Setting Holloway and Wheeler (2013), describes qualitative study as a statistical procedure that measures the meanings that are involved in non-numerical details. Qualitative analysis is simply a review that reveals how individuals think behind the character that they display. These authors further indicate that the
Reconstruction and Change after the Civil War The end of the battle that took place in 1877 liberated African American from oppression. As a result, it united and granted them freedom to enjoy life. However, these individuals did not imagine that they would reach this point in life. This change made elders and members of