Discussion on Pay Equity A firm that operates with transparency earns trust from their workers. As a result, this boosts their morale especially when they are treated equally with their colleagues. In this regard, internal pay equity is essential to aid workers who are top performers. This also upgrades chances of employers to recruit the
 Contingency Theory Fielder (1964, 34) cites that a contingency theory is connected to path objective. It further reveals the manner in which traits of individuals in leadership affected the performance of employees. Their behaviours will also determine if workers will be satisfied based on how leaders treat them. Evans Martin was the pioneer to develop
Social Security Act In 1935, the social security act became endorsed as a law. The act was signed into law by Franklin Roosevelt depicting it as a legislative achievement that happened in US history. It facilitated creation of numerous programs that granted help to the American citizens. Evidently, it was the social insurance program that
Embracing Electronic Commerce in Economy Electronic commerce is popularly referred to as e-commerce. It is an activity that incorporates purchasing and selling of commodities and services. This act takes place via digital means of operation. In electronic platform, it is easier to conduct business online and this has assisted it to be dominant at the
Responsibilities of an Employer under the Family and Maternity Leave Act In US, the Family and Maternity Leave is an act that became passed in 1993. It reveals principles that grant security to employees when they take a break from work. This is inclusive of reasons that are directly connected to family life of the
Imagine that you have been tasked with creating a training and development program for midlevel business managers in an organization (you can use your actual organization or one that you create). A midlevel manager is defined as a manager of managers. You have to present your proposed training program to your supervisor. The topic of
Unit 8 [HR410: Employee Training and Development] Unit 8 Assignment: Return on Investment (ROI) In this Assignment, you will apply ROI to a specific organization’s training, you will use a cost-benefit analysis as a means of determining whether or not an organization should implement a specific training program, and you will identify a potential training