The social effects of telecommuting Trends that arises in technology sector has enhanced changes in traditional ways of communication. In the past years, it took a long time to convey a message. The availability of the internet has facilitated communication via video chats with individuals who are miles away. Furthermore, through telecommunication, people can work from remote
Reconstruction: Political Effects of Lincoln’s assassination The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln took place on14th April in the year 1965. This was during the reconstruction period when there was liberation of African Americans. The election of Andrew Johnson managed to slow down the occurrence of this blow. This is because Johnson was keen to follow
Think about African political leaders’ politics Analyzing politics in Africa, it is clear that this is part of relevant information that reflects on the diversity of political structures. According to the recent research, political leaders in Africa who are successful are motivated by different prevalent aspects.  These factors relate to their multicultural communities. The driving
Special Education In society, special education is vital because it caters for the needs of children who have been neglected. I choose to write about special education as it offers individuals with different chances of profession. For instance, graduates of this career can serve the disabled children in community or operate as school administrators. Leaders