Consumer Price Index Consumer Price Index refers to an indicator of price variation in the prices of consumer goods as well as services that are bought by households. Typically, the consumer price index measures changes in the price levels of services and goods that people in a country purchase over time. It examines the average
Objectives of the International Monetary Fund The International Monetary Fund was established in 1945 after its conception in 1944. Currently, the IMF has 184 member states. The main aim of the establishment of the International Monetary Fund was to promote and maintain monetary corporation internationally, exchange stability, orderliness in exchange arrangements and economic growth. The
Exchange Rate Pass-Through  Definition of exchange rate pass-through Exchange rate pass-through is an economic concept and is defined as the change in percent of import prices in local currency as a result of change in exchange rate of the importing and exporting countries. When the exchange rates fluctuate, the costs of imports also change and
Definition and Factors Affecting Gas Exchange Definition of gas exchange Gas exchange is the biological process through which different gases are transported across respiratory surfaces to different parts of the body of a living organism.  This process occurs through diffusion when gases move from areas of high concentration to those of low concentration. Gas exchange
Factors Affecting Investment Banking Industry The investment banking industry is a lucrative industry with millions of investors. It contributes to the GDP of many countries especially the developed ones and is often a major indicator of both capital markets and general economic health of a country. Despite this, the investment banking industry continues to portend
Factors Affecting Foreign Direct Investment Foreign direct investment is one of the most essential tools for growing the economy of a country. There are so many countries that struggle to attract foreign investors because of the important roles that they play in building the economy. Amongst the reasons why foreign direct investment is so important
Demand and Supply for Housing Every person in the world deserves a better home. Many governments in the world have come up with great housing initiatives to ensure there are good homes for their citizens. Most of the cities in the world have stocks of housing. This includes flats, maisonettes, bungalows and privately rented houses
 Demand and Supply of Currency Like the maxim goes “money makes world go round” every nation has its own currency that it relies on and trades out with for other essential commodities. Most of the traded currencies in the world include United States Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Chinese Yuan and Mexican
Tax on Consumer Spending The government uses different types of tax systems to generate revenues and to boost economic growth. The largest source of revenue for the government is income tax and is levied against interest, dividends, capital gains and income. Therefore, the highest earners end up paying high taxes. However, increase in tax affects
Factors Affecting Government Spending Government spending especially on government entities is affected by a wide range of non-income factors. They include earthquakes and floods. However, there are other important determinants that affect overall government spending. They are limited to specific categories including government policies and politics Politics Politics play a very crucial role in determining