Exchange Rate Pass-Through  Definition of exchange rate pass-through Exchange rate pass-through is an economic concept and is defined as the change in percent of import prices in local currency as a result of change in exchange rate of the importing and exporting countries. When the exchange rates fluctuate, the costs of imports also change and
Definition and Factors Affecting Gas Exchange Definition of gas exchange Gas exchange is the biological process through which different gases are transported across respiratory surfaces to different parts of the body of a living organism.  This process occurs through diffusion when gases move from areas of high concentration to those of low concentration. Gas exchange
Factors Affecting Investment Banking Industry The investment banking industry is a lucrative industry with millions of investors. It contributes to the GDP of many countries especially the developed ones and is often a major indicator of both capital markets and general economic health of a country. Despite this, the investment banking industry continues to portend
Factors Affecting Foreign Direct Investment Foreign direct investment is one of the most essential tools for growing the economy of a country. There are so many countries that struggle to attract foreign investors because of the important roles that they play in building the economy. Amongst the reasons why foreign direct investment is so important
5 Step Consumer Decision Making Process The 5 step consumer decision making process refers to a systematic approach that consumers take while making all purchases. Whether making major or minor buying decisions, buyers go through a process called the consumer-decision making process. This process can be outlined in five steps as follows: Need recognition Most
Factors Affecting Foreign Investment in Indian Industries Introduction The industrial sector in India has been growing tremendously over the past years due to the activities of foreign investors. However, there are several factors affecting foreign investment in Indian industries.  A survey conducted by Earnst & Young shows that India has always been a major destination
Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Decision Factors influencing consumer buying decision can be categorized into four groups. These are the cultural factors, social factors, personal factors and psychological factors. Cultural factors Cultural factors are related to the cultural environment or culture of the consumer. Individuals are influenced by their families, friends, cultural environment and the society.
Need Recognition in Marketing Need recognition in marketing is very important because it enables marketers to come up with an appropriate marketing strategy. Need recognition happens when consumers identify needs and think of products or services that can meet their needs. In the consumer decision making process, need recognition is usually the first and perhaps,
Nominal Vs Real Exchange Rate Nominal and real exchange rates are the main types of exchange rates that are used in the foreign exchange market and international trade. The nominal exchange rate defines the value of a given currency that can be traded for a single unit of another. On the other hand, the real
Monetary Policy under Fixed Exchange Rate Many economists and business analysts have questioned the formation of monetary policy and how effective it can be under a fixed exchange rate. There have been varied opinions with some pointing out that it is ineffective and others the opposite. This paper gives a detailed review of the behavior