Sample Essay on Chromosomes

Chromosomes        Chromosomes are thread-like structures contained in the nucleus of the  DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule of each cell (US National Library of Medicine n.p.). The DNA contained in each chromosome is made of a protein-based molecule known as histones. Histones are responsible for the coiled structure of chromosomes. Figure 1 below is a diagram
Using Cisco IP phones inside a Company Introduction Cisco IP phones are important to a business as they help in making work easier by combining the organization’s voice and data systems, to reach the employees from any location within the organization. This improves communication. One advantage of the cisco IP phones is that they are
African American studies After 1865, with the victory of the Civil War, the African Americans were very hopeful that this would be an end to their slavery. The freeing of over four million slaves in U.S.A was viewed as just a beginning. However, was the U.S ready for such great changes? The reconstruction period was
What is the Future of Journalism? Introduction             The platform of communication in the contemporary society is technologically driven and this has necessitated the need for change in journalism. Journalism is currently witnessing a myriad of transformations in terms of the process of production, distribution and its use (Hayhtio, 2008). The world is also witnessing
Gendering Climate Change: Geographical Insights Introduction             The author introduces the article by narrating the coincidental occurrence of two events during the month of November 2007 that are related to the issue of climate change. The first event was the occurrence of a power cyclone named Sidr that struck the Bay of Bengal, leaving millions
Humane Computer Interface The view held by Jeff Ruskin in Humane Computer Interface is that the interface that has been put in place by programmers is not considerate to the needs of the users and fails to consider human weaknesses. He feels that the computer interaction in the present age is filled with many distractions
Ethics are motivational ideas mainly concerned with the good and bad values of a society in line with the moral obligations. They are circumstances in which two alternatives which neither can resolve situations in a morally acceptable manner, are put on measure for choice. In such an instance, personal or societal moral guidelines cannot provide
Culture in Organizations Introduction             Culture in business and public institutions describes the conduct of individuals as well as the overall meaning that they associate to those conducts. Organizational culture can include different aspects that range from norms, values, assumptions, behaviors and beliefs. It can as well refer to a pattern of collective habits that
Technology has become part and parcel of life in the present world. Organizations all over the world are now embracing technology for better productivity as well as increased profitability levels. In today’s world, more than the past years, most companies all over the world are making progress towards transformation of their process of fitting into
Corruption in the developing countries is quite rampant and it has brought adverse effects to the region[1]. In some instances, political instability is the greatest cause of venality and exploitation of public resources[2]. In order to get a clear understanding, this paper highlights the case of Chevron Company corruption saga in Ecuador and its effects.