Reconstruction: Political Effects of Lincoln’s assassination The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln took place on14th April in the year 1965. This was during the reconstruction period when there was liberation of African Americans. The election of Andrew Johnson managed to slow down the occurrence of this blow. This is because Johnson was keen to follow
Research Approach for Rite Aid Rite aid is a drug store that is located in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania which is ranked among the top in United States. Today, it targets many countries by developing numerous stores that operate in various locations. This is a research approach that evaluates on three dimensions in relation to how the
Is College Really Worth It? Introduction     With the increasing college fees and seemingly hard to get jobs, graduates are left to wonder if it is really worth it to go through college education just to complete their studies and suffer the wave of unemployment. According to Vedder, Denhart, & Robe (2013), it is hard