The Abolitionist Movement II Refences Video: Women that influenced the abolition of slavery: Biography of Henry Highland Garnet: William Lloyd Garrison by Boston History: Danny Glover Reads Frederick Douglass by Voices of a People’s History of the United States: William Lloyd Garrison Poem – God Speed the Year of Jubilee:  America the Story of Us:
Discussion: Educating Girls / Women in the World   Previous Next  Read the December 23, 2005 New York Times article by Sharon LaFraniere, Another School Barrier for African Girls: No Toilets, detailing the seemingly simple problems many girls and women encounter in their attempt to gain an education and a sense of security in a world that is set
Write a survey research paper. Work must include a statistical analysis and associated, proper hypothesis testing, and consist of the research-paper structure: Title Abstract- Problem Statement, Method, Findings 3-4 sentences. I. Introduction – Background, Problem Statement( same as in the abstract) II. Literature Review- A. 1. 2. B. etc…. III. Methods – This study consists
RESEARCH PAPERS Respond to the following with at least a 450-word response. Discussion Expectations are clearly stated so be sure to follow them. Research the historical antecedents of restorative justice and discuss the use/practice of restorative justice in one other country (Australia, New Zealand, England, other “industrialized” nations). Share 5 points about your nation and