Technology Influence on Relationships

Technology Influence on Relationships

Technology has benefited mankind in numerous ways in the recent past and will continue to be even of more benefit in the times to come. Rapid technology advancements have experienced drastic transformation in the life of humans (Lim, 1986). The introduction of computers, machinery, phones and media facilities among others have greatly impacted the human life.

This paper will discuss the way in which technology has influenced relationships of people with their businesses or organizations. Besides, it will also look at the way in which technology has impacted the relationship that people have with their families, friends or community. A comparison of how technology has helped in building personal relationships and weakened the personal relationships will also be made.

Foremost, technology has contributed to the weakening of personal relationships with people at the places of work (Lim, 1986). This is contrasting to what is expected of technology since it should bring people together. Mostly, I spend lots of times on my phone trying to get in touch with people at my place of work. The introduction of the internet and computers has also played a key role in the weakening of relationships among people in the workplaces. This is attributed to the fact that many people in the current generation spend much time on social circles. In my case, technology has played a great part in the weakening of my relationship with colleagues at work since most of time is spent doing business online (Turkle, 2010). In this case, I do not see the help offered by clerks, secretaries and others at work. This is a negative impact of technology on relationships among people which can be solved by conducting regular events at the places of work where members of staff have the opportunity of closely interacting with one another.

However, technology has helped in strengthening my relationship with my family members. Through the RELIABLE-writing-serviceintroduction of phones, computers and the internet, I have been able to reach family members in distant places especially my aunts, uncles and cousins. The social media, especially Facebook and Twitter is among the elements of technology that have helped in enhancing the relationships between people (Lytras & Corti, 2012). For example, I have used Facebook as a means of communication with my family members when I get far from them.

Besides, there are various online avenues of sending money and I have often capitalized on this through sending money to close relatives. Therefore, it would be worth stating that technology has helped in strengthening of my relationship with my family members and other relatives. Through the social media, I am able to keep in contact with my family and even distant friends.

Technology has undoubtedly strengthened and weakened personal relationships. First, the introduction of computers, mobile phones and the internet has built relationships among people in so many ways. People use computers in communication with others abroad online (Lytras & Corti, 2012). Phones are also common gadgets that have been used across the globe to enable individuals to communicate with others freely and with so much ease. Technology like automobiles has also strengthened relationships in different ways. People have been able to move from one place to another to reunite with relatives and friends, thereby strengthening relationships among them. Global relationships among people have been significantly improved by the newly introduced means of money transfer from one country to another. These have played a great role in strengthening relationships across the world. Besides, there are also technological ways of solving disputes among people. This is a common occurrence in developed nations and they have helped in building strong relationships among people.

Technology and especially the use of computers, phones and the internet has contributed to the weakening of relationships in different ways (Lytras & Corti, 2012). To begin with, people have recently been selfish by spending lots of time with their phones, chatting with friends in distant places, listening to music or watching interesting clips online. This means that there is very little or no time spent with close friends, relatives or colleagues at work. In most occasions, this causes disagreements among people, thereby weakening relationships among them. The other kind of technology in the homes is television. Most people especially children spend lots of time watching television mainly during the holidays. This leads to disagreements among family members, thus, eventually weakening relationships (Turkle, 2010). Computers access the internet, hence making communication between distant friends possible. Besides, computers can also enable people to play games and watch movies, thereby reducing the physical and social contact of people which also weakens relationships among people.

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