Technology Paper on Job Application Requirements

Job Application Requirements

When applying for employment a job seeking candidate is required to write a cover letter, attach a curriculum vitae and copies of original certificates and testimonials. All this document is important in telling much about a person and whether he is the most suitable person. The job being applied for is that of a financial accountant(RFJB19865) at Price water house coopers in London

Cover Letter

Applicant name

Postal address:


Phone No:



Price Water House Coopers

P.O Box 390797-00178

London, England

Dear Dr Sir/Madam



Kindly receive my application for the above position. This is as per your job advert (Specify the media). I possess a degree in Business Management (Finance Option) which I managed first-class honors. I have pursued additional professional courses of in certified public accountancy and certified financial analysis which I graduated successfully. I have four-year experience in the accounts and finance field having started my career with the world health organization where I served four two years. I then moved to world bank as a finance officer, a position that I am currently serving.  I am proficient in using QuickBooks, Kashoo, Sage Evolution Pastel, Pharmacore and Oracle Financial Management system of SAP. Given the level of my experience and encounter I believe I am the most suitable candidate to fill this position.

I am registered with relevant professional bodies of guiding finance and accounting framework. I am in good standing regarding professional ethics, honesty, integrity and discipline. I look forward to working as a team member in your Company to achieve the highest career objective for me and for the Company. I would like to be interviewed in my skills as discussed, I am usually available on Friday’s in the afternoon given the nature of my current work. Feel free to contact me on the cell phone number above.


Yours faithfully

Insert your name.

A Curriculum Vitae

Name: Start with your surname                                  National Id Number:

Postal Address:                                                           Cell phone:

Email Address:                                               .           Nationality:

Date of Birth: dd/mm/yyyy                                        Marital status:

Language: Indicate Proficiency level                         Religion:



University Education

State the degree that you acquired and the area you specialized in.

State the honours you graduate in.

Professional exam 1(CPA)

State the body which offers the professional course

The college you attended and the grade you were awarded.

Professional exam 1(CFA)

State the body which offers the professional course

The college you attended and the grade you were awarded.

High School attended

Grade obtained

Primary/ preparatory School attended

Grade awarded


The best accounting student in the University

The third best student in the University department of business management.

First Class Honours Business Management (Finance Option)


Member of institute of certified investment and financial analyst (ICIFA)

Membership number: Specify the registration number

Member of the certified Public Accountant of England

Membership number: Specify the registration number


I have over the period practiced my skills in accounting and Finance, undertaking all the necessary roles in the two disciplines.

Career skills

  • Book keeping and bank reconciliation, Trial balance preparation, balance sheet and profit and loss preparation using QuickBooks, in accordance with IFRS and IAS standards.
  • Auditing books of accounts in accordance with relevant IFRS and IAS guidelines.
  • Investment appraisals using NPV, IRR, Payback period, Net present value, Accounting rate of return, Internal rate of return, modified internal rate of return, adjusted present value, Profitability index, Equivalent annuity. Bonds and securities analysis.



  • Team Leadership
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal and critical thinking skills


May 2010 – June 2012

Assistant accounts officer (world Health Organization)

Learnt on how to handle electronic books and practiced my skills on accounts, was highly trained on how to follow IAS (international accounting standards) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

July 2012- Present.   

Finance Officer (World Bank)


  • Offering general business consultations to African finance corporation and development bank
  • finance, tax, accounts and internal audit consultations.
  • Business research and development

Notable Career Achievement

  • Organized a good team work while at World Health Organization and managed to fix accounts receivable ledger in less than a week.
  • Devised computation template to compute tax factors and generate tax obligation reports automatically for world bank member countries.
  • Consolidated the financial report for world bank to match the international financial reporting standards(IFRS)


I am proficient in the following Microsoft office and Accounting systems.

Microsoft Office: word document, spreadsheet excel, PowerPoint and access.

QuickBooks pro (all versions), Tally Erp, Sage Pastel, Kashoo online Erp, Syspro Erp and Oracle management system. Pharmacore Erp for pharmaceuticals.


Reading story books and business journals, meeting new friends, Skating and singing.





Name of the First Referee:

Postal address:


Job position currently held:

Email address:


Phone number:


Name of the Second Referee:

Postal address:


Job position currently held:

Email address:


Phone number:


Name of the Third Referee:

Postal address:


Job position currently held:

Email address:


Phone number: