Technology: Post Form on Digital verses Analog Modulation

Digital verses Analog Modulation

Modulation is termed as a process that adds signals or details to an electronic signal carrier. For signal modification to be complete, it will rely on other signals. There are techniques that are used to convert details into signals that can be transmitted. They incorporate analog and digital form of modulations.

Analog modulation is a method that facilitates transfer of low frequencies to enable them operates on a higher frequency. In response to these forms of signals that are analogue, modulation is applied in a continuous manner to enhance analog variation. In this case, the common techniques that apply in analogue modulation include frequency and amplitude modulations.

Conversely, digital modulation is a procedure that incorporates transfer of digital bit streams. This takes place over a band pass frequency that happens to be analogue based. There is a difference between digital and analogue modulation. This is clear in the manner in which they convey information. This implies that the input in analogue modulation should maintain a format that is analogue. Equally, the inputs in digital modulation should also be digital. As a result, the output is not the same.

This is because the modulation output in digital involves only two values that are 0 and 1. In analogue modulation, the value that represents a valid output is in the middle of the least and majority of the values. It is simple to perform an analogue modulation in contrast to the digital kind.  This is because majority of the signals that are diffused are of analogue nature. Furthermore, during digital modulation, the output that is produced incorporate greater fidelity than analog modulation. Evidently, both modulations have different techniques that measure their weakness and strength. In essence, analogue modulation is less costly in contrast to digital modulation.

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