Term Paper on General MacArthur’s Inchon Invasion

General MacArthur’s Inchon Invasion

North Korea successfully invaded the South in 1950 causing US government to surrender. The South Korean were well equipped in the battle. In this regard, forces from the UN were forced to reside in Pusan Perimeter. Clearly, the North Korean People’s Army NKPA was superior because it had the best equipments.

The huge attack that was planned by the UN Supreme commander was not successful because NKPA was well prepared. This needed careful plans to avoid causing damages to casualties within the UN forces. Based on the views from General MacArthur, the only means to accomplish the pioneer plan was to attack the Inchon. The general further revealed that if they successfully invaded the Inchon, it would attract the UN troop to be near to the capital. Furthermore, this would aid to dismantle the supply roots of the North Korea military.

In the process of finding the best manner to attack Inchon, MacArthur asserted that the harbor had various traits that did not favor the battle. In preparation to hold the attack, they took approximately three months. The military intelligence and CIA officers went to Yong hung-do island. The responsibility of this team was to deliver intelligent details to UN in a successful manner.  MacArthur arranged for various drills to aid in the battle. For instance, days before the attack, he dispatched war planes all over the place (Catchpole, 2001).

The attack began on September 15, 1950. The marines that were used during the invasion managed to confine only 14 casualties. Marines in red and green beaches defeated forces from North Korea. This forced the remnants to give up on the battle. The attempt to invade Inchon shattered the North Korean soldiers. This attack led to murder of 566 UN soldiers while 2, 713 became wounded. Clearly, MacArthur’s attack of Inchon was a military operation that made history.



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