Term Paper on Homeland Security

Homeland Security

Homeland security refers to the attempt by a country to avoid terrorism by reducing the number of the attacks, and damages in case they happen. This department has been through more problems which have made the operation to be difficult to prevent.

A major issue that the homeland security encounters is cyber attacks. In this regard, there is need to prevent the action of cyber attack from spreading. People also need to watch out for enemies of destruction that could inflict damage to vulnerable systems. To curb this matter, there is need for nations to increase security at the aviation and the borders. Individuals who happen to be non-citizens of a given state may also contribute to these terrorists acts. This implies that if security is tightened at the aviation and the borders, it will aid the department of homeland security to arrest the illegal visitors.

They would also be able to determine the duration which legal tourists will reside in their country. In addition, this kind of information will also aid security teams to terminate the terrorist’s attacks (Bennett, 2007, p. 10). In most situations, these attacks occur after they have been well planned by the perpetrators. A major issue to homeland security is corruption which happens when individuals receive bribes that leads to the attacks. To avoid such cases, individuals should be enlightened concerning the dangers of corruption, and how they facilitate attack that takes away life of citizens in a given country.

Lack of sufficient preparation is another challenge that affects the homeland security. This implies that when disaster management groups respond faster to these attacks, they will also assist to save lives. Technology is vital in such cases to allow the homeland department security to be updated with the terrorists’ plans by detecting their harmful devices. It is also significant for states to embrace international relations to assist each other to curb terrorists’ attacks.



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