Term Paper on Influence of Climatic Change on Early Development of African Culture

Influence of Climatic Change on Early Development of African Culture

Climate depicts the normal conditions of weather in a given region. It is determined by a long duration of study that incorporates patterns and changes of weather in the location. Weather involves conditions that range from wind, temperature and rainfall. Climate is a vital aspect that reveals how individuals live.

If climate of a certain location undergoes changes, it will subject residents to adopt different cultures. For instance, Africans have incurred change in their culture due to the variations in the climate.  The purpose of this paper is to reveal a variety of ways that led to development in their culture due change in climatic conditions. The Pleistocene period in Africa was characterized by increase in cold. It is in this duration that majority of animals faced extinction. Fortunately, a man is the only creature that survived this climate because he was intelligent.

Clearly, these changes in climatic conditions did not favor plants and sources of food. As a result, a man was forced to make changes to his culture in the early days. He formulated modern technology that could enable him to get through this cold season (Cowie 39). He embraced innovations and upgraded his skills in hunting to access food. Additionally, the pioneer African communities had to migrate in large numbers. This was due to changes in climate that subjected them to change their cultures later.

Climatic aspects that facilitated migration incorporated fluctuation in rainfall. In response to this situation, individuals had no option but to move to generate new ways of supplementing their meals. Change in climate also contributed to down fall of dynasties in African culture. Currently, Africa is full of sites that attract tourists despite the change in climate. Changes in climatic conditions facilitated growth in Africa hence influenced their way of shelter, clothing and intake of meals.


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