Term Paper on Why Plagiarism Undermines Criminal Justice

Why Plagiarism Undermines Criminal Justice

Plagiarism refers to an action that determines the thoughts that are expressed by a given individual. It applies in situation where individuals use ideas from others in their documents.  This action breaks ethics and disrupts how criminal justice operates.

Criminal justice is a system that is perceived to be sensitive because it incorporates aspects of honesty and trust. The society expects the authority that represents us in the judiciary to handle cases without bias. However in criminal justice, plagiarism does not embrace the principles that relate to integrity, respect and honesty. Plagiarism involves acts of theft, whereby sounds, idea and words of other people are stolen (Joy & McMunigal 2011). This action is deliberate when law providers tend to copy information from online platforms without offering proper citation.

In judiciary, plagiarism is depicted to be against ethics. It subjects lawyers to face punishment when they involve in the act. Plagiarism is associated with lies hence it is not supported by the justice system. This is to enhance competency among lawyers and to promote originality in the jurisdiction system. For the public to access justice, cases must be handled in a unique manner to enhance quality work. This implies that when lawyers require referencing information from outside articles, it is essential that they seek permission first.

In addition, lawyers have to be competent while presenting their work to earn trust from the society. Clearly, if these lawyers present quality work, it aids in court proceedings and make it easier for the judges to rule fairly. This calls for all lawyers to serve equally and evade biasness in their cases. Plagiarism that is also copy and paste defy ethics in the jurisdiction system hence kills trust among the public. It is vital for lawyers to remain true in their work by avoiding plagiarism to promote competency in the criminal justice system.



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