Term Paper Summary on The future of the internet

The future of the internet

Internet is regarded as the thriving technology that shapes the current society. It facilitates communication and boost social activities that upgrade the economy. Furthermore, the internet unites individuals across the globe hence promotes international business.

According to experts, the digital technology may improve its operations to handle security threats. This will be accompanied by modern devices which will facilitate operation of the internet. The objective of this essay is to depict the internet and its future. This is by analyzing its chances and problems. Clearly in future, there will be increase in internet users. This implies that the number will escalate from one to four billion (European commission 7).  Furthermore, there will be increase in devices when there are plenty of individuals to use them.

As a result, this upgrade of the internet will enable the developers to grab a lot of opportunities in the industry. Conversely, experts reveal that the internet will not adjust to future limitations. To respond to such issues, there will be modern developments to handle the problems. This implies that the internet will arouse and sustain technology in the digital sector. Study reveals that plenty of devices are essential to make the future of internet technology to be bright. It is also vital for the internet to be accessible, fast and secure for efficient purposes.

A section of individuals argue that freedom in use of the internet will motivate them to practice their rights. Furthermore, liberating the internet will facilitate innovative activities. Experts assert that problems that affect operation of the internet such as security will be handled by local laws. Assessing the situation, it is clear that as more opportunities arise, this will equally contribute to challenges in this sector. Considering the positivity of this technology, it is evident that the internet will boost social and business operations in future.


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