The Abolitionist Movement II Assignment

The Abolitionist Movement II

Refences Video:

  1. Women that influenced the abolition of slavery:
  2. Biography of Henry Highland Garnet:
  3. William Lloyd Garrison by Boston History:
  4. Danny Glover Reads Frederick Douglass by Voices of a People’s History of the United States:
  5. William Lloyd Garrison Poem – God Speed the Year of Jubilee: 
  6. America the Story of Us: Frederick Douglass by The History Channel:


Writing Assignment:

  1. Question exercise:  Please answer two (2) of the following four (4) questions:
  • Who was William Lloyd Garrison and why did he become more radicalized as the Abolitionist Movement evolved?
  • What were the names of at least three (3) women involved in the anti-slavery movements and what were their contributions?
  • How did Henry Highland Garnett’s nationalist views differ from those of William Lloyd Garrison within the context of the Abolitionist Movement?
  • What were the differences in the ideological stances between William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglas?  How did the evolution in Douglas’ thought expose Garrison’s hypocrisy?


  1. Label the two questions answer.
    1. This paper should be typed written and its minimum length is 3 full pages addressing the questions delineated above.
    2. Please include a cover page, which contains your name, class title, etc.
    3. The paper should have a 1 inch right and left margins.
    4. Additionally, please utilize the 12 points Times New Roman font.