The Graduate by Mike Nichols, 1967, USA

The Graduate

Watch the ” The Graduate ( Mike Nichols, 1967, USA) ” firs. And, please read the professor’s instructions carefully, and include every points the professor requires.

The questions in the DF are things for you to consider. You may choose 2 -3 questions(see choices below) and apply those to a scene or scenes. You will have to view a scene repeatedly in order to understand how MES works. I am not looking for you to reiterate the plot, but answer the questions by examining and considering the film, directorial choices etc.

You can also answer all the questions, if you want regarding the scene(s) you have chosen.You need to use the proper film ( studies) terms we learned thus far, from Ch1, 2 & 3 and from my lectures. You posts should be substantial, well written and thoughtful. The mistake that some students make with the DF assignments, is they write too little. This is a college assignment and I am looking for detailed substantial posts.

*Find a scene/sequence in the film, view it several times. Use it as a basis for your DF.

You can then relate that scene/sequence to the film as a whole if you want to.The focus of this DF is Mise En Scene…how it is constructed and used in The Graduate.Some questions to consider below, they are a jumping -off point for this discussion…. then respond to at least one of your classmates.

What devices does the filmmaker use to convey the sense of lonliness?

How is lighting used in this film?..give examples.

Discuss shot type, camera angle, LOR/POV in relation to a particular scene.

What does the framing and composition communicate about the characters?

How is focus used within the frame?

Compare the first shot of the film and the final shot of the film. How are they similar? What similar themes do you think both scenes are trying to convey?

What are some examples of the use of water in the film? What does it symbolize?

How does costume/set design contribute to your understanding of the characters and their relationships? How does costume/set design contribute to the story/content?

How do the lyrics of the music convey the themes of the film? ( not an aspect of MES, but we’ll discuss this anyway).

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