The History of the Early American Colonies

The History of the Early American Colonies

The colonial history of the United States involves the European in the American region. These European involved Netherlands, France, England, and Spain who invaded most parts of America in east, northern parts. Their mission dates back to early sixteenth century until when the Europeans were integrated into this region. To begin with, their major colonization programs took place resultant to high death rates (Waldstreicher 37). However, by the end of the seventh century, their missions were successful as the United States of America gained independence.

History of religion and social life during colonization period

During the colonial era, America was seen as the land of opportunities for both religion and social life. The traveler settlers from Europe were the first to introduce religion in the United States. Later, both the Spanish and French brought in Catholic missions. According to Waldstreicher (1995), Britain and Germany moved in Protestants dominations and a few number of Jews. According to Brigham (1947),  European colonial powers used religion to colonize the Americans. More dominations were established by using local tax collected. Moreover, the money was used to motivate the church clergy to mean. From Rushforth et al. (2008), debate religion played a significant role during the American Revolution. However, most settlers run to America to look for religious freedom.

During the colonial period, the European settlers brought with them a variety of culture to American colonies. By the end of the mid-sixteenth century, most of the American colonies experienced the severe crisis from European colonists. This was due to the high cumulative population which required more pieces of land, food supplies, and accommodations. People who suffered most were the Native Americans because the colonists grabbed their resources. In additions, the demand for more labor force led to the rise to rise of slavery. Accordingly, land quarrels, religious differences, and class divisions brought rebellions and caused conflicts.

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