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A thesis proposal is an outline for an undergraduate, master’s thesis, or Ph.D. thesis. The main objective of the proposal for the thesis is to convince the examiner that there is a need for research in that particular area. A thesis proposal is also a means of requesting to contribute original information or findings in a particular field.

The choice of topic determines the success of any proposal. Therefore, students should choose a topic that matches their interests. Writers should understand the difference between each proposal. For example, undergraduate thesis proposals, master’s thesis proposals,s and Ph.D. thesis proposals differ in length. However, the most conspicuous difference is that the Ph.D. thesis proposal contains something new.

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The structure of writing an undergraduate thesis proposal, master’s thesis proposal, and Ph.D. thesis proposal are the same. However, some supervisors may instruct authors to use unique guidelines or to include certain variations and sections to their proposals, though this is unlikely.

The cover page should have a name, address, telephone details, academic level, supervisor’s name, the title of the proposal for thesis, and date of submission. The introduction page should contain a statement of the problem and literature review. The review should provide more insight and connection on the topic the author is investigating. The literature review also helps to demonstrate the writer’s understanding and awareness of the topic and the relevant research.

When writing a thesis proposal, authors should be careful not to divulge much evaluation from previous work. They should focus on the contributions they will make. Do not worry if the topic does not gain momentum immediately. Remember that the main aim of the thesis for the proposal is to state what the actual thesis shall entail.


  • Statement of problem(hypothesis)
  • Importance of the research
  • Significance of previous research
  • Research methodology
  • Findings and conclusion

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 The biggest challenge when writing undergraduate thesis proposals, master’s thesis proposals,s and Ph.D. thesis proposals is deciding on the right topic. In most cases, instructors provide students with specific topics. In situations where instructors do not provide a topic, deciding on an appropriate topic becomes a problem. Students should therefore feel free to ask for thesis proposal help from trusted online custom writing services like

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