Thesis Sample on Teaching children about Allah

Teaching children about Allah

The Muslim population is on the rise in Australia which calls for children to be educated on aspects of Islamic religion. This is vital because it allows them to be competent and understand Allah. In this regard, Muslim parents prefer to enroll their children in respective institutions whereby they can be taught Islamic faith. It is vital for children to learn the attributes of God to be well educated concerning his divine qualities and ways to relate to Him.

The procedures of teaching in Islamic religion offers a good foundation that enables children to link to divine power. Muslim parents prefer Islamic Institutions as the best in educating their children to honor and serve Allah in an acceptable manner. Furthermore, this approach imparts children with knowledge, rituals and believes that are acceptable and pleasing to Allah.

The major purpose of this research is to evaluate on the different ways that Muslim children can be educated concerning Allah. As a result, this study employs various methods that reveal analysis of data and its interpretation to enhance quality outcome of the research. The data collection techniques that were used in this study incorporated questionnaires and interviews.  Researchers collected information from parents, children and their tutors in relation to different aspects on how they were taught concerning Allah.

This study also incorporated investigations that were inclined to measure how children understood Allah. It also assessed how various people related to Allah in terms of their commitment levels and beliefs. In this regard, quantitative and qualitative methods were applied to reveal how well children were educated concerning Allah. The outcome of the research showed that plenty of children were subjective to Allah about His existence in relation to their strong beliefs. It is also recommended that parents and teachers should take responsibility to encourage children to have a deep connection with Allah.


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