Thesis Statement Examples for High School Students

Thesis Statement Examples for High School Students

Thesis statement is the main or central idea/argument of your essay. It must be well written and concise. To write a good thesis, it is imperative to have the right thesis statement examples for high school students, guidelines. Note that thesis examples and more specifically good examples act as specific argument points or guidelines for drafting general statements.

Additionally, good examples indicate the theoretical basis and enhance thesis statement writing process. This means when writing a thesis statement, you should answer the questions, how and why. Why should a reader continue reading your essay? It is for this reason that you should start your statement and essay introduction with a hook. However, avoid stating the obvious in your thesis, instead, give reasons as to why and how your point of view should be accepted.

Thesis statement examples for high school students tips

Before you start writing a thesis statement, it is essential to identify your target audience. Unclear theses are often generated by students who do not have a clear and concise purpose. Therefore, as a student, it is wise to

  • To start your thesis with a topic question and answer it efficiently. This will help you to form an opinion and state it clearly
  • Be sure to approach your argument or evidence without bias
  • Focus on both sides of the controversial issue

Once you have created a topic question, have a clear position and have obtained objectivity, start writing your thesis.

Review thesis statement examples for high school students

When you review thesis statement examples for high school students, you get to learn how to write a good statement. A good thesis statement is

  • Short and simple regardless of the length of the essay
  • is based and limited to one idea
  • declarative sentence and does not qualify maybe, might and
  • Is mapping- This means that a thesis statement helps you to organize or map out your essay? It always suggests a direction which the paper should take or an order for organizing your ideas. For instance, a thesis statement can read, ‘’I want a wife’’ the sentence will continue to focus on the expectations of a man once he has a wife. This includes maintaining a good career, managing the household, taking care of the kids and having a good relationship with a spouse.

In this thesis statement example for high school students, you will realize an obvious development path, marital expectations. The writer as a result takes time to develop the paragraph or thesis statement by exploring the term marital expectations. Therefore, the essay will feature three paragraphs logically discussing household responsibilities, careers and marital expectations.

By reviewing good examples, you will find these features and elements of a thesis thus, enabling you to write out your statement. Thesis statement examples for high school students, helps you to understand what to do and how to go about your writing without a problem. You will be able to

  • Write different thesis statements as a trial and settle for the most ideal for your paper and
  • If you are having problems deciding which side to take on, on the topic of your writing, the examples will help to focus on two different points of view. At the end of the day, you will be better placed to settle for the side that best represents your opinion or argument.

Evaluating your work with thesis statement examples for high school

After writing your thesis, you should learn how to evaluate it. Thesis statement examples for high school students feature different questions to help you analyze your statement and they include

Have you answered the essay question in your statement or you have just restated it?

Have you argued both sides of the topic or you focused on one side of the coin? It is imperative to argue two sides of your essay topic and address the position efficiently. This however does not mean that you should not take a position. A good thesis statement takes sides. For instance, Juliet was not the first lady to attract Romeo’s fancy. However, she was the one who affected him the most.

Have you prejudged the subject using a loaded language or not? An experienced thesis statement writer does not manipulate writers using emotionally charged language. On the other hand, unexperienced authors will use the same to manipulate target audience. Therefore, review the best thesis examples and use the appropriate language in your writing.

More thesis statement writing guidelines

Analyze the statement

Always analyze the statement, do not moralize it – this means that you ought to avoid using statements that dictate what readers should do or should not do. Such statements put off readers.

Instead, write your thesis giving fresh and interesting information about a complex or controversial issue. It is quite inviting even if there are flaws on one side of the statement.

Avoid the use of absolute thesis statements

It is always recommended that you avoid generalizations in your thesis. Avoid universal statements by all means because it sets your thesis up for easy target. Therefore, instead of using terms such as no one, everyone and all among others, consider terms such as some and many among other related terms.

Write your thesis in complex sentences that give you enough room to elaborate points

Begin your thesis and move ahead to give your first example. In this case, use body paragraphs that are written and interesting examples. This is far much better compared to a funnel introduction.

Additionally, ensure that when launching a point of view; try to show readers that point 2 is superior than point one. It expresses how rich and powerful the statement is. Most importantly, it paves the way for strong execution of the actual essay.

Thesis statement examples for high school students will help you adhere to the above guidelines and more your thesis writing task a more exciting experience.

NOTE: the lead in to a thesis statement depends on your tutor. There are teachers who prefer a more artful lead into a thesis statement. In this case, use a hook statement to begin the essay. You can also use a statement that grabs the reader’s attention or romances the reader.

An invitational statement in many thesis statement examples for high school students is also recommended. This is because it lets the target audience understand that the writer has something worthwhile to say or write about.

Using a hook in your thesis presents an example, anecdote or even an example that connects the thesis with the entire essay. Therefore, your essay can be more than one sentence communicating to target audience that the speaker is in the zone observing expected conventions. The sentence also enables the reader to transition from one point to the other.

To achieve the above goals in your thesis writing, it is wise that you go through thesis statement examples.

Examples of thesis statements in different types of essays

The thesis statement examples below serve a very important purpose. They promise and offer you guidelines to writing a good thesis without losing focus of your essay topic. Read on and find out more on how you can use thesis statement in your writing.

Example 1:

Topic: BP Oil Spill, Major Public Relations Issue

Introduction and thesis

BP Oil Spill was also popularly known as the Deepwater Horizon Oil. It was one of the worst oil spill disaster in the history in humans. This is based on the amount of damage it had on in regards to the economy, environment and humanity. More than 200million crude oil gallons to the level of the damage…………………………………………………This oil was washing off the shores faster after gashing well was capped in July 2010(Griggs, 2011).

Find the thesis statement in the above introduction here.

Example 2

Topic: Cloning of Embryos

The American Medical Association describes human cloning as genetically identical organisms’ process of production of somatic cell’s nuclear transfer. SCNT refers to a process involving transfer of the cells of an existing organism into the oocyte where the cells came from………………………………………………..for this cloning to be achieved, stem cells must be used.

This link leads you to the above thesis statement and the full essay. From the site, you will also get more information on how to write your own thesis.

Example 3

Topic: Effects of Ageing on Cognitive Development

I have heard many strange things regarding the elderly, so much that it has become extremely difficult to differentiate myths from facts. Some of the beliefs about the elderly include the aged being preoccupied with heart, lack of interest in intimacy and relationships and are adamant. ………………………………….How do the elderly become like children in the first place? Does aging affect cognitive ability to severely that the elderly can be compared to children?

You can get the above essay here and check out the attributes of a good thesis statement therein.

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