Things that make Argumentative Essay Topics Interesting

Things that make Argumentative Essay Topics Interesting

An argumentative essay involves collecting facts on a given topic and presenting it the audience. From the word go, it is important to note that argumentative writing is much far from compiling pros and cons on the topic of discussion. You must prove to the reader that you have a mastery of both sides of the issue to allow them make an informed decision. In addition, good arguments come from interesting argumentative essay topics, which are inexhaustible in nature.

While arguing out a point can appear simple, you need to understand the parameters to consider before settling on a persuasive topic. This handout will make your argumentative writing simple. Coming up in this guide:

  • Elements of an argument
  • How to choose argumentative topics
  • Things to avoid when selecting argumentative topics
  • Examples of argumentative topics and essays

Read on and unlock your power to persuade through writing. Let us go…

Elements of good argumentative essay topics

An argument thrives on the power to persuade the audience to turn against their beliefs. If you are a good in arguments, you can influence the reader through text or word of mouth using facts and a convincing language.

Since people have strong feelings about their beliefs, you will go an extra mile in order to win their attention by opposing what they ascribe to in life. Because of this enormous task, take a moment and reflect on the following components of an argument.

Developing an argument:

Be clear– Make up your mind about the topic and the issues you are discussing as you develop your argument. Present your ideas concisely for the reader to make a fair judgment in either supporting or negating your claims.

Debate the issue– Remember that an argument is always two-sided. Pick a debatable thesis to draw points from both sides. In addition, choose argumentative essay topics, which evoke different reactions among readers.

Support your argument. Use facts, evidence and well-researched background information about the topic to defend your claims.

Have logical transitions- Ensure that you transit smoothly between points to avoid discontinuity.

Do a good summary. Conclude your argument with energy. Wrap up the main issues and revisit your thesis statement. A conclusion is not a summary of the thesis and is not a repetition of ideas.

With the elements that make a good element, you should be able to improve your writing skills. Let us now consider an example of an argumentative essay before we proceed to other segments of the guide.

Example #1: Argumentative Essay

Impact of Legalization of Gay Marriage is a good example of an argumentative essay.

The topic: The writer chooses a debatable topic. It is also in the public domain, as same sex marriage debates dominate many forums in the world. Hardly does a day go before the media covers an issue on gay.

The writer presents the two sides of the issue, underlining the impact of legalizing same sex marriages. In denouncing gay unions, the writer describes it as disastrous, highlighting religious discrimination and spread of HIV/AIDs as major concerns. On the other hand, the writer notes that recognizing gays will promote equality and foster the well-being of gay couples.

10 tips to Guide you as you select argumentative essay topics

At the first instance, writing an argument may appear to be an easy task because you already have an opinion. However, you should be able to support your claims with facts to woo the reader. Thus, you need argumentative essay topics that allow you to explore the issue broadly, as you develop your proofs.

The following tips will help you overcome the challenges that arise when finding an appealing argument topic. Take a look…

  • Choose something that interests you– Making an argument out of a topic you enjoy discussing is fun. You will find it easy to develop your argument because you understand the issues surrounding the topic. Go for a topic that you have vast knowledge on. This will ensure that you develop your opinion undisputable information.
  • Avoid pure facts– You cannot debate facts like scientific findings since they exist as pieces of evidence.
  • Pick a narrow theme. You do not want to argue on a broad theme. Narrow down to the specifics of the issue and settle on something debatable.

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  • Avoid emotional topics– A topic that extremely arouses your emotions may pose a wide range of challenges to debate with a fair mind.
  • Think about your audience. Before you start writing, think of the people who are likely to read your essay and try predicating their opinion on the issue you want to address. Would it be interesting for them?
  • Have enough evidence. The heart of every argument is evidence. Make sure you have reliable and convincing details to support both sides of your argument.
  • Be a risk taker. Controversial topics give the best arguments. Consider topics, which other people may have avoided. Your argument will uniquely stand out from numerous obvious themes. However, be sure to develop strong points on both sides to have a respectable debate.
  • Brainstorm- Good argumentative essay topics will stem from your environment. Think about drawbacks or taboos around you and dare challenge them in your argument. You will enjoy developing such an argument because you have experienced the problem.
  • Use writing as a tool: – As you develop arguments, you will realize that writing is the best tool to use in arguments. There are many issues, which the society does not permit public debates but you can express your balanced opinions on paper.
  • Look back: – Finally, reflect at your past and find out if you ever had an argument. What was the issue? Such issues can turn out to be excellent debate topics for you to develop into an interesting argument.

Example #2 Argumentative Essays

Examine the following selected argumentative essays. Together with the above ten tips, you should be able to be pick a debatable topic and draft your argument with a lot of ease. Take your time and read, as your argumentative writing will never be the same.

Things you should never do when picking an argumentative essay topic

To succeed in argumentation, there are a number of things, you should try as much as possible to avoid. Are you a victim of any? Read carefully to find out why you are stagnating in written arguments.

Avoid a boring topic. If it does not interest you, then you have reason to argue of the issue. In case you do not have passion for particular argumentative essay topics, keep off since writing will make no impact.

Avoid broad scope topics. Broad topics have long arguments. If you have only five pages, it might be impossible to discuss the effect of computers on humanity exhaustively. This topic needs tens of pages because of the content available and a myriad of issues surrounding computer technology.

Having said that, avoid too narrow topics. If your assignment is a five-page argument, yet you can summarize everything in two pages, then something is amiss. Strike a balance and settle on a topic that will not overstretch your ability and not limit your arguing space.

Stay away from irrelevant topics. While there are many argumentative essay topics to consider, stick to your assignment instructions. Do not scan the homework details, read to understand before you embark on the research process. Look for keywords in the assignment details i.e.  “Compare OR contrast” as opposed to “compare AND contrast.” Such words have significance to your final assay.

Avoid writing something that is not double-sided. Always remember that an argument has two sides. An argumentative essay exists only where an argument exists. Your topic is not good if the thesis statement does not provide room for an argument. Put all the topics you have in mind to test and see if they support the counterargument. Draft a thesis and an opposing thesis to avoid hitting a snag during the writing process.

Below are more examples of argumentative essay topics. Using the tips, we have discussed in this manual, develop interesting argumentative topics.

Lastly, to excel in argumentation, do a lot of exercise. Consult this guide whenever you are stuck with your argumentative essay assignment. All the best…

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