Triscuit’s Integrated Marketing Communications & Digital Brand Strategy

Triscuit Original Crackers is a renowned business organization best known for its high quality and tasty snacks. Founded on the year 1900, Triscuit Cracker rapidly grew into a large organization that became popularly known for producing square based whole wheat wafers. Triscuit original crackers started with 100% whole grain wheat, oil, and salt. The company has grown at an exponential rate due to its continuous commitment of providing its customers with the most delicious original crackers. Triscuit Company is however known to occasionally change its recipes with the primary intent of meeting the customers’ preferences.

Triscuit ‘s Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated marketing communications is described as a concept that carefully integrates and coordinates various communication channels with the intent of delivering a clear message about the company. Many organizations have found it imperative to utilize integrated marketing communications when conveying consistent information about the products and services offered by the company (Andrews & Terence 2). Triscuit is one of the many existing companies that have over the recent years utilized IMC as the most effective tool for conveying vital message to specific target audience. Integrated marketing communications continues to play a key role in building Triscuit’s ideal brand thereby contributing to the company’s overall corporate image, reputation, and identity.

The advent of latest developed technologies has led to the significant transformation in the business marketing sector. There is no question that over the recent past, the business world has witnessed and recorded a great surge in e-marketing with an endless stream of ‘new media’ introductions (Andrews & Terence 26). Integrated Marketing Communication served a primary role in strategically influencing the message conveyed to the customers with the aim of fostering customer relationships that drive brand value. It is for this profound reason that Triscuit Original Crackers introduced three integral forms of marketing communications namely; advertising, public relations, and personal marketing.


Ever since the ancient days, advertising has been a critical aspect for most companies that sought to market their products and services to masses (Miller 4). Advertising is thereby defined as any paid form of non- personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor such as; media houses and billboards. Triscuit Company uses advertising as a means to inform, sell and persuade their target customers into purchasing the wide range of snacks produced by the company. Advertising has helped Triscuit company in the creation and maintenance of brand equity thereby enabling the company to create its own unique personality for its brand. In addition, advertising has helped the company to easily convey clear and consistent message to a large and geographically dispersed target population. The main type of adverting that is commonly used by Triscuit Company is the competitive form of advertising. This form of advertising seeks to persuade consumers of the specific benefits and advantages which they would derive from purchasing brand products manufactured by Triscuit. Competitive advertising is normally used with the intent of increasing selective demand by the customers (Percy 11). The company uses this form of advertising to sell its brand by providing information regarding the products’ attributes and benefits that may otherwise not e available from competitive products. For instance, Triscuit Company has advertised its products which are made with natural, non-genetically modified ingredients. On the other hand, the company has also invested on pioneer advertisement so as to inform the consumers about the existence of new snack products. Pioneer advertisement is integral as it allows the company to stimulate primary demand for a product which is new in the marketplace (Percy 12). Triscuit Company is also known to use; television and radio broadcast companies, social media sites, bill boards, and its own website to advertise their products to the consumers.

Public Relations

Public relations are a key marketing communication strategy whose primary goal is to establish goodwill, and develop favorable attitudes and an understanding of the organization, its products and services (Andrews & Terence 13). Triscuit company utilizes public relations by conveying information in the editorial section within a newspaper, magazine, and in television segments. One of the most common messages that Triscuit Company normally conveys to the public is the recipe for its snack crackers. The use of public relations as a means of marketing communication has popularized the company’s products to the public. Concurrently, the company has witnessed a dramatic increase in the sale of its snack products to a vast majority of customers from all walks of life. This is because the information conveyed with regards to the recipe and method of preparation, has been widely accepted by the public. In essence, public relations are a highly credible method that also allows the company to reach many potential customers who were dubious with the information conveyed by other forms of promotion.

Sales Promotions

Triscuit Company is known to use this form of marketing communication to reach the final consumers. The key techniques of sale promotion normally performed by the company appear in form of; offers contests and coupons. By providing attractive offers, strong purchase incentives and crazy discounts, the company to attract and captivate more customers to purchase the prepare products. Sales promotion is thereby an effective marketing tool that stimulates quick response from customers (Kitchen 45). However, this marketing technique cannot be used to build long-term customers’ trust and loyalty. Thus the benefits garnered from sales promotion are usually temporary or short lived.

Digital Brand Strategy

The advent of the current digital era has brought about immense changes in the business and organizational landscapes. Triscuit Company continues to experience sustainable growth through digital integration. In order to adapt to the digital era, Triscuit has created its own website that continues to attract people from all parts of the world.  Triscuit continues to maintain its online presence by using its website as an online hub for marketing activities. The Triscuit website has helped the company to present a professional image, reach new customers, and increase its profit margin (Miller 43). As a marketing tool, the website has enabled Triscuit to reach a global market whilst also promoting Triscuit company’s products. The key objectives of Triscuit website are; to provide the consumers with product information, recipes and information on new products. Triscuit website aims at reaching people from diverse areas in the United States. In addition, Triscuit’s website target populations are adult consumers who are above the age of 18 years. However, people under the age of 18 may view the website with the involvement of a parent or guardian. Nabisco Triscuit consumers comprise of generally high income, Caucasian, and senior age population. Triscuit Company is known to record higher sales during specific events such as large pantry stocking trips. Most of Triscuit’s website visitors are adults between the ages of 35 to 65 and above years. Triscuit website remains to be an effective marketing tool as it provides relevant and instrumental product information to the public. Most adults thereby find the information provided in the website as being comprehensive, informative and credible. The website has also been designed in a way that encourages easy navigation. This aspect has allowed users to easily find the necessary information that they are looking for. Triscuit website does not have excessive amount of content thereby allowing the users to quickly find the relevant content that they need. The simple and professional design of the website is also attractive to the user’s eyes (Miller 23). Triscuit website is also endowed with colorful photos of its range of products. The font and text color also contrast well with the Triscuit product pictures thereby making it easy for the users to read and view. The website also meets its objective of providing the public with the products’ information. This website is equipped with the relevant content that is normally updated to provide the user with the vital and accurate information about Triscuit’s range of products.

Triscuit’s Competitor: Pillsbury Company

Pillsbury is one of the renowned food manufacturing industries that is a fierce competitor to Triscuit Company. Aside from having a wide range of products, Pillsbury also provides different recipes to its target audience through its website. Pillsbury continues to utilize its website as an effective marketing tool that has attracted masses from every part of the world. Pillsbury website is designed in a way that attracts and lures different users to navigate it. In addition, the website is easy to navigate and easy to access using any form of browser. Pillsbury website has a lot of relevant content that allows the user to read and learn how to prepare a wide array of snacks using the recipes posted on the website. Pillsbury uses its website as an avenue to teach its target audience on how to prepare various foods for every event or occasion. The website also provides credible information thereby building trust and loyalty from the customers. Besides providing product information and recipes to the user, the website is also used as a platform for online sale of the company’s products. Additionally, most customers are motivated to purchase the products online as the company provides competitive discount in form of coupons.

Figure 1: A screenshot showing Triscuit’s website


Figure 2: A screenshot showing Triscuit’s website


Figure 2: A screenshot showing Pillsbury’s website



Comparison of Triscuit’s, Pillsburry, and Little Debbie’s websites

Triscuit Pillsbury Little Debbie
Easy to access in any browser Easy to access in any browser Easy to access in any browser
Not accessible to all users, only adults of 18 years and above are allowed Accessible to all people thereby allowing a large audience to access it Accessible to all people thereby allowing a large audience to access it
Well planned information architecture making it easy to navigate Well planned information architecture making it easy to navigate Well planned information architecture making it easy to navigate
Little content allowing the user to easily skim through the content Contains large amount of relevant content. However there are lists that allow the user to easily access the needed content Contains large amount of relevant content. However there are headings and subheadings that allow the user to easily access the needed content
There is no contact form that allows the user to give feedback There is no contact form There is a contact form that allows the user to make enquiries, commend and state grievances
The website only provides recipes and product information Provides recipes, product information and allows user to place orders online Provides recipes, product information, and information on the physical location of Little Debbie’s bakery in different states


Marketing communication is thereby an essential tool that affects the company’s brand, identity, image and reputation. A company that creates effective and strategic integrated marketing communication is bound to thrive and cut an edge over its competitors.  Integrated marketing communication thereby allows the company to use different promotion and marketing techniques to reach the target audience, convey clear, consistent information, and to gain the customers’ trust. This allows the company to maintain and expand its market share thus increasing its profit margin and sustainability.




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