Urban Studies Paper on Diera Fish Market – Dubai

Urban Studies Paper on Diera Fish Market – Dubai

So many people have been wondering where to find fresh food, today we found a beautiful place for everyone.

So many traders bring a vast variety of fresh sea fish that has been caught locally to Diera Market. The market is highly robust regarding the types of goods sold. A part from fish, the market is also known for its large stocks of quality fish and meat. Has not everyone who has visited Dubai shopped in Diera? A report from many people who stopped to shop in this market indicates how they are pleased by the quality of goods they are offered.

Why should someone shop in Diera and not any other market? The market is as unique as it has a very unique array of well-arranged stalls all stocked with fresh foodstuff. The buzz and the vibrancy with which traders welcome you to their stalls are like no other. The vegetables sold in Diera are as fresh as the word fresh would mean, that is, each day a new stock of vegetables is brought for sale. Even the fruits are as though they are freshly picked from the trees. For those who travel to go and buy fish, they are awed by the fact that they buy fish that is caught directly from the sea and brought to the market. Which market has ever had such fresh food products? Where in the world would you buy a live fish? It is definitely Diera. Without an iota of doubt this is the best place in the world to buy food products that are fresh, delicious and with moderate price.

Are you wondering where this awesome market is located? Wonder no more, Diera is in United Arabs Emirates, in Dubai town next to Palm Diera Metro station and Gold Souk Bus station. If this description would confuse you then simply ask a cab where the busiest fish market is once you are in Dubai. Without any doubt you will find yourself in the busy alleys of this precious world food market. The main road in Diera market is the Corniche road.

Are there any restrictions to open hours of this market? Dubai being an Islamic town someone would wonder if there are days when the market is nonfunctional. This is due to the fact that Islam strongly up hold their religion. The interesting truth is that this market is open all the days of the week. The market, however, has a schedule for opening. The traders open their stalls daily from 5 am to 1 pm, and from 5 pm to 11 pm. Anyone planning to shop in this market there has to comply with this schedule to avoid long waiting’s or disappointments while at the market.

Diera market stands out as a market of choice because of the fresh food products it offers to the consumers. It also a place of choice because of its vast size and a wide array of exotic food. The wonderful tall sky scrapers and beautifully built stalls make it a place of destination for anyone including those who are just traveling. The restaurants and hotels in this market are equipped with some of the best cooks of seafood the world has ever known. The market is just one of a kind. Anyone would recommend Diera market to all who want to shop for fresh food. Even those who just want to travel and see the beauty of the world, Diera would definitely be a place of choice.