Where to Find the Best Essay Examples

Where to Find the Best Essay Examples

When you know where to find the best essay examples, you do not have to panic when your teacher or lecturer asks you to write an essay that you do not know how it ought to be written. There are four major essay types including argumentative, expository, descriptive and narrative essays. Each of these essay types is written to serve a unique purpose. For instance, an argumentative essay supports a specific idea or viewpoint. To understand each type of essays better, you should review the best essay examples- follow the link examples.yourdictionary.com for more information.

Why you should know where to find the best essay examples

Apart from understanding different types of essays after reviewing examples, you also know how to write your own essays by reviewing examples. In fact, essay examples can be the best friend of a novice writer because they make understanding the subtle writing rules easy. These rules can elude a writer when he/she starts writing at first. Thus, reviewing the best essay examples is very important as far as tricks and tips for writing essays are concerned.

Sometimes, your teacher or lecturer will give difficult or vague instructions that do not explain explicitly what your essay should cover or how it should be written. In such cases, a sample can be of great assistance. Additionally, you may be asked to write an essay whose structure is unfamiliar to you. When you know where you can find a great sample, writing a superior essay in any of these cases becomes incredibly easy.

Top sources where to find the best essay examples

Identifying sources of the best essay examples should not be difficult especially if you can access and use the internet. Generally, there are many online and offline sources of excellent essay examples that you can use as your guides for writing quality essays.

  1. Websites of reputable essay writing companies

Once you have decided to use an essay writing service, your major concern is the involved risks. You ask several questions about the authenticity of the essay that you receive, whether the company has professionals who can write a superior quality essay and how trustworthy is the company with regards to your personal information. To diffuse your fears, the best companies that offer essay writing services provide sample essays on their blogs or websites. You can read such essays as your writing guides or before hiring services of an essay writing company.

Here are links to such essay examples:

  • Is the New Tobacco fast food?
  • Sample essay on the biotic factors that affect population growth
  • Sample essay on the factors that affect consumer decisions

Most reputable essay writing companies offer a collection of quality free essays that customers can read and even reference. You can find almost any type of the essay that you want from such websites. Nevertheless, you should not copy and present such essays as your own because that would be plagiarizing other people’s work.

  1. Online databases

There are reputable online databases that offer free research papers and essays. Such databases are among the best places to visit when looking for where to find the best essay examples. Note that anybody can upload content on the internet. As such, you should use sample essays from reputable sources only. Also read recommendations and feedbacks of other people. Consider how the databases look and then compare several examples before choosing the ones to use. Here is a link to one of the databases that have essay examples mymcpl.org.

  1. College and university writing centers

Collegiate writing centers or labs are among the places where you should start your search for the best essay examples. These writing labs and centers offer virtually everything that students would like to know about different essays. Apart from providing complete essay examples, some centers and labs offer guidelines for writing introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions of essays. You can trust sample essays from such sources because they are written and thoroughly edited by the college or university staffs before they are posted online. They are ideal for you to use as your essay writing templates. You can find such essay examples here.

  1. Library

Most libraries, more so university and college libraries have many essay examples that were written by former students. Some college and university tutors also write essay examples to guide their students. However, to find the best essay examples you may need time to sift through the vast collection of essays, papers and articles to find one that suits your writing needs. Nevertheless, with the help of your college or university librarian, you can easily find an essay sample that will guide you in writing a masterpiece essay.

  1. Bloggers

There are bloggers who offer good essay examples. The aim of bloggers is to attract more readers. Some of them enjoy writing academic essays and they include sample essays on their websites. You can use sample essays from such bloggers as a source for your essays or as a template because most of them provide very useful information. However, make sure that you do not intentionally or unintentionally copy the content of essay examples because that would be plagiarism. Here is a link to such an essay sample from a blogger’s site plpnetwork.com.

  1. Your supervisor

Asking your supervisor to give you a sample can sound crazy but it is one of the best ways of finding a trustworthy example of an essay. Some teachers keep copies of papers and essays that they find interesting. As such, you just need to ask for a copy and your supervisor will give you one. Your supervisor or tutor is supposed to assist you. Therefore, do not be afraid of being denied a sample. The most important thing about getting as sample essay from your supervisor or professor is that you get to see the corrections and remarks that he/she made while marking the essay. Nevertheless, some professors do not allow students to keep or take the examples with them. Therefore, have a pen and a paper so that you can take notes once you get the sample.

  1. Classmates

Seeking assistance from your group members, classmates or peers is also a good idea. There are students who keep raw drafts or copies of the essays that they write and they might be willing to offer them to you. The major benefit of using essay samples from classmates is that they are written according to the requirements of your college or university. Some of them can even be written on the topic that you need. Nevertheless, just like samples from other sources, do not copy samples from classmates because they are familiar to your teachers or lecturers. Use them as templates and using your own stylistic devices and ideas, come up with a unique essay.

Tips for identifying where to find the best essay examples

There are many sources of essay examples but you should identify sources or ways that enable you to get the best essay examples only.

Here are tips to help you do this:

  • Be careful with internet search

Most people start the search for essay examples on the internet. This gives several potential websites that can be investigated. Each of these sites promises to offer the best samples but you should investigate every site that you come across with essay examples very carefully to choose a site that gives you the best essay samples only.

  • Consider professional writing and educational websites

Professional writing and educational websites are run by experienced professionals. Therefore, consider websites of reputable companies that offer academic writing services online and those of established universities and colleges. Almost every reputable writing company, university or college has examples that students can use for inspiration and as guides for writing their essays.

  • Consider hiring an essay writing service

Paying for an essay example from a reputable essay writing company is one of the best ways of getting a superior quality essay example. This is because you get an essay example that is custom-written just for you. You also get your essay delivered within the timeframe that you specify. Thus, you do not have to spend a lot of your time trying to find a sample essay. Nevertheless, you should pay for essay example to a reputable essay writing company.

  • Befriend your college or university librarian

Even with access to the internet which has many sources of great essay examples, do not forget that your college or university library is also a great resource. If you have difficulties in finding essay examples, befriend a librarian and he/she will always help you in finding the essay samples that you want.

Generally, when you know where to find the best essay examples, you are assured of getting free tuition at home. You can always analyze the samples to get the best points or ideas and apply what you learn from samples in writing your essays.

Get the best essay examples online

If you have difficulties in finding or identifying where to find the best essay examples, get in touch with us for help. Visit the homepage of our website for more information regarding our writing services. Alternatively, continue reading for more guidelines for academic writing and essay examples on this blog.





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